Niall Horan is Deathly Afraid of Pigeons, Takes Awkward Lie Detector Test in ‘Carpool Karaoke’: Watch


The last night of Niall Horan week on The Late Late Show ended with both a bang and a whisper, as the «Nice to Meet Ya» singer hopped in the car with his old chum James Corden for a «Carpool Karaoke» segment that got real weird real fast.

«I suppose you want to listen to music now, do ya?» Horan said, busting out his cheekiest Corden impression. «Is that your impression of me?» Corden shot back, giving Niall a taste of the Irish before the pair busted into a sensual front seat duet on «Slow Hands.» The pair got to talking about Horan’s biggest fears, which include claustrophobia and his terrifying ornithophobia.

«I hate birds,» Horan admitted, wringing his hands. «I’d say mostly pigeons. Like I do enjoy a good walk in the park, but the minute pigeons come into it…» What scares him most, he said, was that they don’t appear scared of humans, who have to run at them to get the birds to move. So, of course, because they’re best buds, Corden made Niall face his fears by meeting some pigeons up close.

Looking terrified, Horan agreed to hold a pigeon named Ted in his trembling hands, as a second pigeon was placed on his left shoulder, as well as a third who perched on his head and promptly pooped on his back after Corden walked away. After wiping down his collar, Corden made it all better with a spirited, hand-clapping round of «Nice to Meet Ya.»

They also looked back with cheer at the One Direction days, including the insane merch, which included a tube of 1D toothpaste, and the time he meet Kim Kardashian West backstage at an Ariana Grande concert and she introduced him to her daughter North West as «the guy who sings from your toothbrush.» Corden also got 26-year-old Niall to speak to his super-shredded 16-year-old doll version and tell him about the crazy life he’s going to live.

After a round of 1D’s «Steal My Girl,» Corden recalled their first meeting more than a decade ago, when Niall had a NSFW email address and sang a lilting «Put a Little Love On Me» before Corden tested their «proper» friendship with the ultimate analysis: a lie detector test. Niall told the truth about whether he really thinks 1D will reunite, whether he actually likes Simon Cowell and if The Late Late Show is his favorite late night show to appear on.

Things were just as tense when Horan asked if James likes his darker hair and if he prefers his «Slow Hands» to Harry Styles’ «Sign of the Times.» (Click below to find out the results.)

Horan also returned later in the show to perform «Black and White,» an urgent love song from his new solo album, Earthquake Weather, which dropped on Friday (March 13). Strumming an acoustic guitar over the song’s chugging rhythm, Horan rose up into the rousing chorus, belting, «Yeah, I see us in black and white/Crystal clear on a starlit night/ In all your gorgeous colors/ I promise that I’ll love you for the rest of my life.»

Watch Horan on The Late Late Show below.


Fuente: Billboard