Mysterious Harry Styles Billboards Have Popped Up Around the World and We’re Not Ready


It seems like the return of Harry Styles is closer than we thought.

Though the singer has not yet announced the title or release date of his eagerly anticipated second solo album, a series of mysterious billboards popping up around London and New York have Stylers salivating over the prospect of an imminent announcement. The black and white posters read, «DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?»

While they don’t mention Styles by name, as NME reported, they also bear the acronym «TPWK.» That abbreviation corresponds with «treat people with kindness,» which Styles featured on the merch from his last tour. The other clue is that the billboards feature the logo of Styles’ label, Columbia Records. The third clue is that Styles tweeted the word «do» with no explanation last week.

Styles released his self-titled solo debut in 2017.

Check out images of the posters below.


Original article: Billboard