Model accuses Chris Brown of drugging and raping her


The singer has already been tried in the past for abuse and has now been hit with a 20 million euro lawsuit.

Chris Brown is once again at the center of controversy for a new lawsuit by a woman. The singer and ex-partner of Rihanna, who was already convicted of domestic violence more than a decade ago and who in summer was already being investigated for another alleged assault, has received the accusation of a model who claims that the rapper allegedly drugged and raped her last December 30 aboard a yacht.

The young woman prefers to remain anonymous for possible retaliation from Brown’s fans, but claims that the artist allegedly sexually abused her while they were on a yacht docked outside the home of rapper Sean Diddy Combs on Star Island in Miami. In the lawsuit she has filed she is demanding the spectacular amount of 20 million euros.

The hard story of the model
According to the testimony accessed by the American portal TMZ, Jane Doe, as the choreographer, dancer and model calls herself, was at a party with several musicians and in just a moment, Brown went from being cordial to raping her. Doe claims that the singer asked her if she wanted a drink and accompanied her to the kitchen, where the artist presented her with a mixture of drinks «in a red glass» and immediately after they began to chat.

Once the glass was finished, she began to drink the second glass, but suddenly began to notice «a sudden and inexplicable change in consciousness», becoming «disoriented, physically unstable» and tired, to the point that she felt the need to sleep. Precisely for this reason she argues in her lawsuit that she was «drugged», and taking advantage of this state Chris would have taken her to a room.

There, always according to the version of the young woman, Brown closed the door and began to remove her bikini bottom while he began to kiss her. Doe defends that she ordered him to stop, but to no avail because Brown did not stop and ended up raping her and ejaculating inside her. After this, Brown allegedly quickly jumped out of bed under the excuse of having «finished» and the next day sent her a message to tell her to take the morning-after pill.

The story has caused the plaintiff strong emotional distress according to her lawyers, who add that they did not report it before because the model felt ashamed. For the moment, neither Brown nor his representatives have made any statement on the subject, but it should be recalled that already in 2019 he denounced for slander a young woman who sued him .