Meghan Trainor Wants to Be an Actor, Too


The singer tells THR that she wants to «do movies like this,» referring to Amy Schumer’s «I Feel Pretty,» which features a song by Trainor.

Meghan Trainor’s song «Me Too» is featured in Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty, but the pop star tells The Hollywood Reporter she has bigger showbiz aspirations.

Yes, the «All About That Bass» singer wants to act and «do movies like this,» Trainor says, referring to the Schumer comedy. «But I just want to do some cameos first. That’s how you start. You get a little second here and then a few seconds there and then you get to be the lead.»

Trainor jumped at the chance to have “Me Too” in I Feel Pretty. «They emailed me and they said, ‘We want to have your song in the film,’ and I asked, ‘What’s it called?’” she said. «They said, I Feel Pretty, and I was like, ‘Let’s go!’ I’ve been a huge fan of Amy Schumer since her early stand-up, and I always knew she was going to blow up but I just didn’t know when. So, this is a dream come true to be here. This is a huge bucket list thing for me.»

Speaking of singers who want to act, Betty Who recently told THR that her team just may be working on finding her work on Broadway. “I would kill to do Chicago,” the “I Love You Always Forever” pop star said. “I would love to do stuff that’s in my wheelhouse. I don’t think I’m going to be the greatest actress of all time. Maybe a musical TV show, something with someone like Ryan Murphy.”

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