Meghan Trainor Is Trying to Love Herself as Much as You Do on Emotional ‘Workin’ On It’: Listen


«‘Tryna see what you see when you look at me.»

You would think that Meghan Trainor has it all figured out. She’s a world-renowned pop star, songwriter, Grammy and Billboard Music Award winner and chart queen. But on the latst single from her upcoming third album Treat Myself, the contemplative ballad «Workin’ On It,» Trainor turns the focus inward to reveal all the hard work she’s been doing to accept who she is, how she is.

The King Henry-produced song featuring Lennon Stella and Sasha Sloan is about learning to accept and believe compliments. «Never been asked to dance/ ‘Cause I never been the pretty one/ Never like compliments/ ‘Cause it’s always been so hard believin’ them,» she whisper sings over spare guitar and a heartbeat rhythm. «You say I’m beautiful/ And I say you’re full of it/ Nothing personal/ I’m still not used to this/ But I’m workin’ on, workin’ on it/ Workin’ on, workin’ on it.»

Treat Myself is due out on Jan. 31 and fans have already gotten a taste of it through «No Excuses» and «Waves.»

Speaking to fellow pop icon Kelly Clarkson recently on the Kelly Clarkson Show, Trainor explained that the song is very special to her because «the hardest part, I think, about today, especially with social media is, you know, everyone is like ‘just be confident’ and that’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard cause it’s so hard to be confident,» she said. «It’s so hard to turn it on and be confident, and I wrote this one with my two girls. It’s about how when someone compliments you and you’re, like, ‘stop it.’ You know how we all do that? We’re like ‘ew, what do you mean?’ and I’m working on it… I’m gonna start to try to be more confident and start to love myself and start to hear comments and be like, ‘Yeah, you’re right.'»

This article was originally published by: Billboard