Mariah Carey Unveils ‘Rainbow’-Themed Pride Merchandise


Mariah Carey knows her demographic. The pop legend has unveiled a collection of Pride merchandise, centered around her Rainbow LP. That means you can buy tanks, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants and even a phone case emblazoned with a pic of Mimi from 1999. What are you waiting for? Oh, and there’s an added incentive to snatch up some goodies. You’re not only upgrading your wardrobe, but also raising money for charity. (A portion of the proceeds are going to GLAAD).

Of course, the diva is a vocal proponent of gay rights and even explained the true meaning of LGBTQ in an Instagram video. According to the Queen of Octaves, “L” is for legendary, “G” is for gorgeous, “B” is for beautiful (or Babadook), “T” is for tantalizing and “Q” is for quality. When she’s not supporting the queer community, Mariah is inspiring feminists. “I have had to invoke Mariah Carey a lot over the years when it comes to angry men: ‘why you so obsessed with me?’” Lena Dunham recently tweeted. That’s what we call impact.

This article was originally published by: Idolator