“Mama don’t sleep over on the first date»


Jennifer Lopez doesn’t kiss and tell, unless Ellen DeGeneres asks her to! JLo revealed in an ‘Ellen’ interview all the details about her first date with Alex Rodriguez, including if she slept with him after dinner. Find out the juicy details here!

Ellen DeGeneres couldn’t help but pry into Jennifer Lopez‘s personal life when she visited Ellenon April 24. Jennifer’s currently in a hot and heavy relationship with former MLB superstar Alex Rodriguez, and they’re totally public about their romance. Of course Ellen wanted to know all the dirty deets about their first date!

As it turns out, though, that first date was sugary sweet instead of scandalous. Jennifer does not have sex on the first date, as she made clear to Ellen. JLo and A-Rod went out to dinner for their first date, but there was no funny business afterward! “Mama don’t sleep over on the first date,” she said. And that’s that!

 This article originally appeared on ET Online