Make Your Own ‘Stranger Things’ Theme, Hear a Song From Season 2 Soundtrack


S U R V I V E’s new «Walkin in Hawkins» is about as eerie and electronic as anything we’ve heard on the show.

Remember when Stranger Things first hit Netflix and it was all anyone could talk about and — amazingly — about half that discussion was about the soundtrack?

Everyone’s favorite nostalgic horror sci-fi thriller is back Oct. 27 and with it comes another stellar synth-heavy score produced by the duo S U R V I V E. Ahead of that return, on Thursday (Oct. 12), the act shared a track from the upcoming collection called «Walkin in Hawkins» that’s as eerie and electronic as anything else you’ve yet heard on the show.

The season 2 soundtrack hits digital shelves Oct. 20 and if you want to take a stab at your own synth experiment, head over to Synthier Things, a website that allows the viewer to manipulate the Stranger Things main theme via a web-browser modulator. There aren’t a million options, but it’s fun for a few minutes.

When you’re ready for the professional sounds of S U R V I V E, listen to «Walkin in Hawins» below.

This article was originally published by: Billboard