Maisie Williams Says She’s a Bridesmaid at Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas’ Wedding


Maisie Williams and Sophie Tuner may play sisters on the Game of Thrones series, but the two are best friends in real life. Naturally, that means Williams will be a bridesmaid at Turner and fiancé Joe Jonas’ upcoming wedding ceremony.

Radio Times asked Williams in a recent interview if she is “already bidding for a role as bridesmaid,” to which the actress responded, “I already got it!”

“It’s very, very exciting. It’s kind of bizarre, though,” she continued.

While Turner and Jonas got engaged back October, Williams said the wedding planning hasn’t officially begun yet: “We’re waiting until this season [of Game of Thrones] is done until we get into any of that. But I think she’s already letting her little heart wander and imagine.”

Watch the clip below, which starts around the 1 minute mark.

This article was originally published by: Billboard