Lady Gaga Proves That She Might Be the Best Car Singer

 Well that was incredible.
Lady Gaga doesn’t need a stage to put on a mind-blowing performance, because her Carpool Karaoke segment on tonight’s Late Late Show felt like an actual concert.She sings her own songs like we sing her songs in the car when we’re alone, which is to say she belts them at the top of her lungs. The only difference is that she’s very, very talented, and we sound like the worst of the first round of American Idol auditions.Aside from kindly allowing James Corden to duet with her on some of her hits, like «Bad Romance,» «Poker Face,» «Perfect Illusion,» «Million Reasons,» and «Edge of Glory,» Gaga also revealed that she only recently got her driver’s license, and owns over 400 pieces of Michael Jackson’s clothes.

Lady Gaga, James Corden, The Late Late Show

Terence Patrick/CBS

While Gaga may now have her driver’s license, she probably needs a bit more driving practice based on how she drove when she and Corden switched places. She had a bit of trouble with swerving, and understanding the controls, and even revealed that she couldn’t see that well. Corden ended up putting on a helmet at one point before taking the wheel again.Gaga also revealed that she often writes songs in only 10 minutes, and that those nonsense words in «Bad Romance» aren’t such nonsense after all. Turns out the «roma, roma ma» parts are meant to be part of the word «romance.» Who knew?!Now, we’re off to watch this a few more times and figure out how we can convince Lady Gaga to join us on a road trip. We like to drive, so if she can bring the music, we’d be good!
The Late Late Show with James Corden airs weeknights at 12:35 p.m. and Lady Gaga’s new album, Joanne, is currently available everywhere.

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