Krewella New Single ‘Team:’ Watch


Krewella‘s Yousaf sisters have never been stronger and more confident than they are today. They’ve embraced themselves as musicians, public figures, Muslims, feminists, and role models. They took an active hand in the last election cycle. They broke out of their norms and headed out on a rock-venue tour because it’s what they wanted. Now, they let that message of power and happiness come through on Krewella’s latest single “Team.”

Jahan and Yasmine are vibrant and carefree in the playful clip, running around southern California with no f–ks given. They don’t need anyone but themselves to make their dreams come true, which is something they’d like all their fans to realize about themselves. The song itself sounds like it’s gunning for pop radio play with a hook reminiscent of this Jack U, DJ Snake semi-tropical wonk we heard so much of in 2016.

The single is the first to follow Krewella’s Ammunition EP. Check the video, a Rory Kramer vision, below.