Kendall Jenner And ASAP Rocky Might Be Engaged


Kendall Jenner is forging her own path in a family that is hungry for fame and limelight. She is often more discreet than her siblings, but occasionally she grabs headlines in a big way.

The 21-year-old model’s career has been a decent success minus the enormous controversy over her Pepsi ad. Lately, there is an increase in attention regarding her dating life.

The media is fascinated by her romance with 28-year-old rapper ASAP Rocky. Is it serious? Are they getting engaged?

So many questions and so little clues, but fans want clear answers. This week, the rumored couple was seen in New York City with matching diamond rings. The two talents made no effort to hide them.

Those pictures have sparked a round of rumors about an engagement. A friend of the twosome recently said that they are extremely close and very much in love.

The insider revealed: “Kendall [Jenner] and [A$AP] Rocky are totally still on, they just have crazy busy schedules, so they are not physically together right now.”

The person added: “Kendall is in New York, while Rocky is tied up with promoting his new album and getting ready for festival season. It suits them not living in each other’s pockets though, Kendall would hate to be in some claustrophobic relationship, she needs her freedom, and Rocky is totally on the same page.”

How do those charming youngsters make the relationship work? Well, like most busy people, they rely on technology a lot.

Our chatty source concluded: “When they are not together they talk every day and try to FaceTime as much as possible, but they are both confident and secure enough in themselves, and their relationship, not to have to be in constant contact. It is a true love match between Kendall and Rocky.”

This article was originally published by: Celebrity Insider