Kehlani will premiere her next song with Justin Bieber this week: ‘Up at night


The Bieber clan is since a few years ago a real circle of talent in which singers, songwriters, producers… come and go helping the Canadian in their own musical productions or ‘reclaiming’ favors rendered years ago. That is the case of Kehlani who in the coming days will release the collaboration with which the Canadian ‘returns’ his duet in Get me that they released in March 2020 just when the pandemic broke out. A mid tempo with R&B touches in which they expressed what that special person can provoke in you and the compatibility you have.

The new song of the duo will be titled Up at night and will be part of the new musical project of the interpreter that will pick up the baton of It was good until it wasn’t that she published about a couple of years ago and that very soon will have a successor although at the moment we have not been able to hear a brief fragment or advance of it.

For the occasion, Kehlani has decided to go all out and show off the muscle that her friendship with Justin Bieber gives her. And if that wasn’t enough incentive for the musical premiere, Kehlani has put on red leather from head to toe making it clear that being awake at dawn has a double meaning.

We won’t have to wait too long to hear the voices of the American and the Canadian again complementing each other perfectly since, as both soloists have confirmed through their official profiles on social networks, Up at night will be released next Wednesday, March 30, that is, in the early hours of Thursday, March 31 in our country.

Kehlani’s album will not wait much longer and under the title Blue water road will be available in stores around the world and on major streaming platforms on April 29th. Now we just have to wait a few hours to discover the sound of his new collaboration with Justin Bieber and if it will follow in the footsteps of Get me with which they conquered the public a couple of years ago.


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Andrew Pop Wansel and Roget Chahayet are the producers of this song that will be one of the first musical releases of the Canadian so far in 2022 after a few intense years of creating and publishing songs. A few weeks ago he presented Attention with Omah Lay