Katy Perry Has a Love-Hate Relationship With This Pink Parachute in Her »Rise» Music Video


Katy Perry’s «Rise» music video is here.

Fans got a taste of the singer’s latest project when the teaser for her video hit the Internet, and while it initially gave us flashbacks to some other famous scenes, what we learned when watching the video in its entirety is that Katy is actually illustrating a love-hate relationship with a pink parachute.

(OK, that’s probably not really the case, but we’re sticking to it.)

The video for «Rise,» the song NBC chose as the official anthem for the upcoming Rio Olympics coverage, was directed by Paul Gore, and shows the star struggling to get out of the desert while still tied to this parachute, making their partnership slightly reminiscent of Tom Hanks and his volleyball Wilson in Castaway.

And despite some ups and downs (no pun intended), this pair finally worked it out and rose together.

But please, allow us to lead you through their journey together:

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First, the parachute gets all stubborn when Katy tries to get moving.


Just look at the frustration on her face.


And just when she thinks she’s getting somewhere, she gets pulled back.


Somehow they end up outside, and Perry has to drag her pink partner across the hot desert.


But, the parachute did damn-near save her life.


And provided her with some shelter when it started raining out of nowhere.


But then the parachute almost suffocated her. PICK A SIDE, PINKY.


The pair decide to just chill for a second.


And then, finally, Katy and her pink parachute find some common ground (no pun intended) and make it work.