Katy Perry Finds Love at the Mutt Ball in Pupper-Filled ‘Small Talk’ Video: Watch


There’s no shortage of floof in Perry’s latest.

Katy Perry’s video for «Small Talk» is doggone cute.

The canine-packed visual directed by Tanu Muino dropped on Friday morning (Aug. 30) and, as promised, it is filled to the rim with puppy dog adorableness, including a starring role for her beloved micro teacup poodle, Miss Nugget Perry.

Perry spends some quality time with the pup in a candy-colored, retro 1960s suburban house filled with trophies before the action switches to the Mutt Ball, where the owners look a lot like their primped-out dogs, or is it vice versa?

There are some cute tricks, including a skateboarding hound and a super cute dog lover who Perry falls so hard for that she drops her just-raised first place trophy. As Nugget is left to her own devices, Katy and her new man share an ice cream cone, go for a bike ride and the new guy even moves in with his big Weimaraner.

Love is definitely in the air, as the big pupper strikes up his own love affair with Katy’s best friend as they all become one big happy Barky Bunch.

Watch the «Small Talk» video below.

This article was originally published by: Billboard