Karmin Shares ‘Easy Money’ In Exclusive Video Premiere: Watch


Karmin is giving Billboard an exclusive first look at their «Easy Money» video, the first in a series of 12 to come from their latest album.

On the pop duo’s new LP, Leo Rising, each song corresponds to an astrological sign, with the visuals following the same concept. Shot in a «moving photograph» style, Karmin explained that each video «will feature simple dreamlike movement in different settings.»

«Easy Money» depicts the real-life couple chilling in lounge chairs in front of the ocean. Check it out here:

«‘Easy Money’ (the Aquarius track) was paired with the beach because that’s the ultimate carefree life,» they explained.

Their second studio album, Leo Rising, aims to tell a story about the struggle of self-discovery and the pursuit of creative freedom.

Nick and Amy Noonan, who rose to fame as Karmin after a series of YouTube videos in 2011, said a life-changing visit to an astrologer inspired them to base their new album on the zodiac signs.

“We tried to study the common characteristics of each sign and reflect that energy into the song,” Amy shared.