Is Katy Perry Releasing Another Single From «Witness»T?


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It looks like we’ll get a fourth single from Witness after all. A couple of stills from a new video shoot are doing the rounds on social media, which depict Katy Perry in full Marie Antoinette garb. They could be from a perfume commercial for all I know, but I’d like to think we’re getting a belated follow-up to “Swish Swish.” If she is releasing another single, “Hey Hey Hey” is the leading contender. It gets a very prominent spot on the Witness World Tour and is the album’s most obvious pop moment.

This has been a tough era for Katy. “Chained To The Rhythm” was a sizable hit, but it misrepresented the album’s bold exploration of dance sub-genres. From there, it all kind of imploded with “Bon Appetit” and “Swish Swish” failing to connect at radio despite being flawless bops (and instant cult favorites). That being said, the era has delivered its fair share of highs with the Witness World Wide livestream and stellar live reviews. A surprise hit could really turn things around. See the pics doing the rounds below.

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