Is Kanye West Furious Over JAY-Z’s Diss In‘4:44’?: «They May Never Be Close Again»


Kanye West is a pretty headstrong guy, so we wouldn’t be surprised if JAY-Z dissing him on his new song ‘4:44’ threw Kanye into a rage. A source tells exclusively if ‘Ye could ever forgive the rapper, here.

JAY-Z, 47, got pretty personal rapping about his old friend Kanye West, 40, in the title track of his new album, “4:44.” He didn’t hold back at all, calling Yeezy “insane,” and revealing that he gave him $20 million. Kanye has been known to snap when people question him, so how is he feeling about the diss? Apparently, he was always expecting it. See pics of Kanye, here.

Kanye and Jay are like an old married couple they fight so much,” an insider tells exclusively. “They are two super strong polarizing personalities who don’t take s*** from anyone, so when you put them together it can be explosive.” See, Ye and Jay have ALWAYS had a tumultuous relationship because they’re both so headstrong. This is nothing new. “They have made great music together, and they have had brutal fall outs.”

At this point, Kanye is analyzing everything in the past year, from his public diss of Jay to Jay’s lack of response to Kim Kardashian’s robbery and Yeezy’s breakdown, and he still has some scores to settle. “Kanye knows he hurt Jay last year but he also feels like he had a right to be upset since Jay didn’t really show much compassion after Kim was robbed,” said the source. “He expected Jay to clap back so he’s not shocked or furious.”

Does that mean they’re okay? “They’re definitely NOT all good by any means and have a ways to go before they get there,” the insider continued. “In fact they may never really be that close again. But Kanye would like Jay to take accountability for his part in their issues. It hasn’t all been Kanye‘s fault as Jay played a part in their problems as well.” Hopefully now that JAY-Z has gotten the anger out of his system, they can finally put this weirdness behind them.

This article was originally published by: Hollywood Life