Iggy Azalea & Zedd’s “Boom Boom” Finally Arrives Via ‘Pitch Perfect 3’


After more twists and turns than a telenovela, Iggy Azalea and Zedd’s “Boom Boom” finally hits iTunes today (December 15) via Pitch Perfect 3. The banger was originally slated for the Baywatch soundtrack, but was mysteriously pulled at the last minute. It subsequently leaked online and was overhauled for Digital Distortion — only the rapper’s album was scrapped and, months later, the song somehow ended up on Just Dance 2018. So, was it worth the (very long) wait?

I’m going to answer in the affirmative. Iggy’s verses are complete nonsense (“baby, come and hear the pitta-patta, kiss my — hey! — back-scratcher”), but the production is wild and the chorus packs a punch. “I got that boom boom, baby bring the bass,” the “Team” hitmaker shouts over an avalanche of beats courtesy of D.R.U.G.S. & Zedd. “I got that boom boom, all up in your face.” It’s very catchy and destined to find a lot of love at gyms, sporting events and pep rallies. Check out Iggy’s lost hit below.

This artilcle was originally published by: Idolator