Hear Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ Parodied in Metal, Indie-Rock Style


In his latest viral mash-up video, Anthony Vincent reinterprets Drake’s electro-R&B hit “In My Feelings” as a Scorpions-styled arena-metal anthem, Arctic Monkeys-ish indie-rocker and old-school rap cut in the vein of Sugarhill Gang, among other styles.

Throughout the clip, “10 Second Songs” singer moves from hard-rock wailing to gothic screams to R&B crooning, all while keeping the Scorpion cut’s lyrics in-tact. His other parody targets include Marilyn Manson, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, jazz singer Cab Calloway, Panic at the Disco, Bloodhound Gang, trap-metal artist Scarlxrd, Bill Wurtz and Australian children’s music group the Wiggles – all before concluding with an abrupt horror movie finale.

This Article was written by: Rolling Stone