From Elephants Falling Out Of the Sky to Drones Attacking, the 10 Wildest Moments in Camila Cabello’s ‘Liar’ Video


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Camila Cabello has proven, once again, that she is a music video queen. The «Havana» singer unveiled her amazingly dramatic «Liar» video Thursday (Sept. 12), and it’s another cinematic masterpiece.

The 6-minute clip — directed by Dave Meyers, who also directed the steamy «Señorita» video with Cabello and Shawn Mendes — features Cabello in the middle of a love triangle between billionaire (and total jerk) Reese Kensington and an adoring restaurant bus boy. Cabello’s acting skills shine, as she also portrays a hilariously fiesty Latina talk show host named La Flaca, but it’s the wacky bits of the video that make «Liar» truly great.

When Camila starts choking

By now it’s no secret that Camila Cabello is a great actress, but her fake choking may be her most convincing act yet. As she tries to tell Reese she loves the necklace he gave her (which she clearly doesn’t mean), she begins to choke, and it’s pretty darn believeable — she even turns bright red at one point. Though Camila’s pale near-death face is clearly just makeup, her choking sounds were spot-on.

When Camila and Reese have a high-speed goose chase

Upon waking up next to Reese with the bus boy’s love note in hand, Camila knows she needs to get out of the room quickly. As she speeds through the house, Reese wakes up to find her not there, and goes on a hunt to find her — and thanks to the scene’s high-speed visual effects, it’s quite a rush.

When everything becomes the truth

After Camila admits she hates the swanky restaurant and just wants a cheesburger (relatable, really), everything around her begins to live its truth the way she did. Dead roses come back into bloom; a waiter reveals that the food at the fancy establishment is only 10% natural (not 100%); two men on dates with women begin to make out; a balding guy removes his toupee; a man unveils his sleeve tattoo to his mom; and another waiter reveals he’s a breakdancer — all in a matter of 10 seconds.

When Camila gets squashed by an elephant

Okay, not really. But when Camila initially tells Reese off, she’s met with the first of a few resulting misfortunes — the first in the shape of a massive elephant falling out of the sky. Common occurrence.

When a hoard of bicyclists have a pile-up crash

Another one of Camila’s post-truth disasters involves a pack of cyclists who have a domino-effect crash after she walks into the middle of the street. She even avoided the elephant this time, dang it!

When the drones attack

What’s scarier than a swarm of buzzing bees? Thousands of buzzing drones, apparently. Her third and final truth-telling calamity is in the form of drones, which may be the most horrifying tragedy of them all.

When she sets the mansion ablaze (and barely escapes)

Though Camila has a burning desire to open the note the bus boy gave her, she seems to think that actually burning it is the best way to fight the urge. Of course, it backfires — literally — and suddenly Reese’s massive home goes up in flames. Luckily, she makes it out, but not without some seriously frizzed hair.

When Reese discovers a dildo in Camila’s her purse

After Camila set fire to the mansion, Reese puts her through a lie detector test. He first pulls out the necklace that she has yet to wear, which pains him enough. But once he pulls out a dildo, then he’s just offended. Camila, you go, girl.

When a little birdie brings Camila joy

As if there haven’t been a ton of did-that-really-happen moments already, an animated bird flies into Camila’s room once her «Liar» nightmare ends. Though the bluebird is quite adorable, it’s just another part that makes you wonder if you need to get your eyes checked.

When La Flaca says Camila isn’t that pretty

Camila’s anchor girl alter ego delivers the tea that Camila left a billionaire for a bus boy, and more hilarity ensues between La Flaca and her co-anchors, Gordita and Tammy. But after a handful of lighthearted jabs, La Flaca says, «She’s not really that pretty, is she?» then proceeds to call Camila a 7, to which Gordita says «she’s like a 5.» There’s plenty of outlandish things in the «Liar» video, but c’mon — Camila is a 10!

This article was originally published by: Billboard