Ed Sheeran is a vampire in ‘Bad Habits’ music video teaser


Ed Sheeran released on Wednesday a teaser clip of his upcoming music video for new single «Bad Habits.»

The footage, posted onto Sheeran’s Twitter account, features the singer as a vampire in a pink suit walking with other spooky-looking denizens of the night.

Sheeran then wipes his mouth with a cloth, insinuating that he has tasted blood.


The teaser announces that the music video for «Bad Habits» will be released on June 25. Fans can pre-order a limited edition CD single of the track.


«Bad Habits» is Sheeran’s first single since releasing album No. 6 Collaborations Project in 2019.

Sheeran is returning to music after taking a break from recording throughout most of 2020. He released a song titled «Afterglow» in December.

This article is originally published by: upi.com