Ed Sheeran Confirms Beyoncé Feature on «Perfect»



When Ed Sheeran mentioned that he would be «Despacito»-ing his track «Perfect,»  he really should have replaced it with «Mi Gente»-ing. Early Thursday (Nov. 30) Sheeran confirmed that the secret star he collaborated on the remix of that particular ÷ track is none other than Beyoncé.

Sheeran began teasing the track last week, referring to it as a «f—ing big deal.»  Beyoncé’s duet with Sheeran will move her collaboration-count up to three in 2017, following «Mi Gente» with J Balvin and Willy William, as well as Eminem’s «Walk On Water.»

«Perfect» ft. Beyoncé is scheduled to be released tonight at 7 p.m. ET. Prep yourself and give the original track another spin, below.

This article was originally published by: Billboard