Dua Lipa Talks Next Album & Teases ‘Secret’ Collaborations


Dua Lipa stopped to chat with Billboard’s Tetris Kelly on the red carpet at the 2019 American Music Awards on Sunday night (Nov. 24), discussing her latest single “Don’t Start Now,” her new found love for dancing, whether or not she has any new collaborations in the works and what advice she would give to new artists.

Asked why she decided to kick off her new era of music with “Don’t Start Now,” Lipa tells Billboard that the track describes what’s to come on her next record.

“It’s got a theme going through it,” she explains. “It’s more disco orientated, 80s-inspired. It’s fun. It’s honest lyrics, but not taking myself too seriously. I just want people when they hear it just to want to dance and just to have fun and just to go out and spend time with their friends.”

“I feel like I tried to move the kind of idea of the pressures that people have with second records because I can totally understand that,” she continues. “It is scary, I guess, when you’re putting out new music. But I think when you kind of just make music that you’re really proud of, I guess you don’t disappoint yourself, at least.”

Lipa is also asked about her dancing, which she showcased during her recent EMAs performance. “It’s fun,” she says, when discussing learning choreography. “It’s definitely a new thing that I’m doing at the moment. So I like it. It’s fun… I’m trying.”

Asked if fans can expect any new collaborations, Lipa keeps her lips sealed when it comes to naming any names, but she does tease that there might be, although she’s keeping it a secret for now.

As for what advice Lipa would give to any new artists starting out, she says, “Just work really hard and always support people around you because knowing what it’s like to be a new artist. I think that’s exactly what I try and do for other new artists is try and support them and be there for them.”

You can watch the full video interview with Dua Lipa above.

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