Dream Team! Katy Perry Says She’d Love To Work With Lady Gaga


Katy Perry has nabbed countless headlines since signing on as a judge for the latest season of American Idol. The 33-year-old comes across as incredibly relatable while interacting with the show’s contestants, and it is making her a bit of a press darling. But last night (April 9), she made her most relatable comment yet when asked about a dream collaborator. During an interview segment with host Ryan Seacrest, she mentioned the likes of Madonna before announcing that she’d love to work with Lady Gaga. “I love Gaga so much. And I think she’s such a beautiful, mystical, magical woman, and I’d love to share the stage with her at some time,” she gushed.

Both Gaga and Katy are reportedly working on new albums at the moment, which makes 2018 the ideal time for a collaboration of some sort. Although the projects are in the earlier stages, we do know a bit about what is in store. Back in February, Steve Mac, the producer responsible for Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” and Liam Payne’s“Strip That Down,” announced he had plans to hit the studio with the “Bon Appetit” siren. Capitol CEO Steve Barnett also alluded to plans to roll out a Witness follow-up before the end of the year. Meanwhile, Mother Monster hit the studio with DJ White Shadowlast October and is allegedly working on the follow-up to Joanne.

Considering their track record for unshakable pop bops, it would be amazing to see what the pair could work on together. Check out the interview footage below while we dream of what a duet would sound like between these two!

This article was originally published by: Idolator