Drake could be sued for putting hot sauce on a Condom


This is a method used by the rapper to avoid sperm theft.

News has gone viral that Canadian rapper Drake is being sued by a model for allegedly damaging her intimate area after putting hot sauce on a condom


Apparently the interpreter placed a spicy substance inside a condom that he used to have sex with the woman, who was burned by the substance.

In social networks, followers of the Canadian entered into controversy over the situation he is facing, and even applauded the action taken.

According to what is known about this case, Drake usually performs this action whenever he ends the sexual act with a conquest. His motives are for many followers, valid, since this method is his way of avoiding unwanted pregnancies or sperm theft.

What is known so far is that the rapper and the model met through social networks, when they met they decided to have consensual intimate relations, something that Drake clarified several times.

At the end of the intimate moment, the rapper got up to get rid of the condom. Upon returning to the room the model went into the bathroom to retrieve the latex. He opened it and tried to introduce the sperm, an action that was frustrated because he ended up in a lot of pain. The rapper admitted at the time what he had done and so far has not made any statements.

The name of the model accusing the singer is not known at the moment. However, the lawsuit might not proceed since the model intentionally rubbed the condom that ended up causing irritation.Likewise, the rapper could sue her for non-consensual removal of the condom, according to digital media.