DJ Khaled Inks Partnership With ProSupps Energy Drink Company


DJ Khaled is known for so much more than his musical skills. His extensive resume boasts a bevy of titles, including The Four host, multi-platinum recording artist, author, and King of Snapchat. Now, Khaled has pocketed yet another title, this time becoming a brand ambassador and partner for the ProSupps energy drink Hyde Power Potion.

ProSupps founder TJ Humphreys said, “When seeking out a partner that embodies our core values of energy and performance, DJ Khaled was the first to come to mind.»

Under his partnership with ProSupps, Khaled will use his platform to demonstrate the power of the energy drink through all his daily activities and high-energy performances.

He continued, “After months of strategic collaborative discussion with DJ Khaled and our friends at RocNation, we couldn’t be happier having him as the voice and mouthpiece for Hyde Power Potion.”

Khaled expressed his excitement to work with ProSupps and said the company’s «vision and drive inspire and match the energy and excitement I have for the future of this partnership.”

Khaled has long used his platform to give his followers a glimpse into his busy life, from spending time with his wife and son to sharing his workout videos and nutrition tips. The mogul’s partnership with ProSupps comes months after Khaled’s team-up with Weight Watchers.

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