Disclosure, Kehlani and Sid Drop a ‘Birthday’ Gift

Hollie Fernando


With just two days before Disclosure drops their third LP, Energy, the duo is gifting the world another single, «Birthday.»

The track is a collaboration with Kehlani and Sid; the UK duo dropped into Los Angeles (pre-quarantine) to work with them. “Being in L.A. was a new one for us,” says Disclosure’s Guy Howard recently told Billboard. “We’re very London.”

The song is a smooth and mellow R&B influenced jam, on which scintillating percussion serves as the base for sultry lyrics that ponder whether or not it’s okay to call your ex on their birthday.

“Syd and I were going through a similar thing at the time,» Howard Lawrence says in a statement, «trying to work out if it was cool to call your ex to say hi or is it too awkward/mean to do so out of the blue?”

“It’s the oldest song on the album by far so has definitely stood the test of time and deservedly made the cut” adds Guy. “And the addition of Kehlani just took it to the next level and turned into a fire duet.”

Listen to «Birthday» below.