Demi Lovato Sings ‘I Love Me’ on ‘Fallon,’ Reveals the Celebs She’s Talking to in Self-Isolation: Watch

Demi Lovato
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Demi Lovato sings «I Love Me» on ‘Tonight Show: At Home Edition’

While the world sits at home and waits, Demi Lovato checked in with Jimmy Fallon for an online chat and a song to blow away the lockdown blues.

Lovato was a guest for the latest «At Home» edition of Fallon’s The Tonight Show.

The pop star belted out her most recent Hot 100 hit “I Love Me,” proving that she’s been putting in the hard work during these weeks of downtime.

Fallon and Lovato also had a timely conversation on mental health. “It’s so important right now,” she explained. “We’re alone with our thoughts right now, some of us are at home alone…it’s really just them and their minds. Those voices in your head can get really loud. I call them roommates. The roommates in your head can be just as annoying as a real roommate.”

And how to quiet those voices down? Meditation helps, according to Lovato. “If you have a higher power that you believe in. Playing with animals. Whatever you can do to continue to grow spiritually and emotionally while we’re stuck in these houses.”

Lovato sees a silver lining in all this. “We all have to use this as an experience and a chance to grow.” Take small steps, she explains and “do little things every day.”

In times of social distancing, technology is bringing people together. Lovato’s manager Scooter Braun is keeping celebrities together with a Facetime group. So who has she been schmoozing with? Bill Clinton, for one. Katy Perry, Ariana Grande. “Every night it’s somebody new, a guest of honor.”

Lovato is currently chilling in Los Angeles with her family. It’s a full house, with her mom and dad, older sister, younger sister and five dogs.

Lovato also took a moment to discuss her Grammy performance (Lovato admits to being “very nervous” and it was a somber day with news of Kobe Bryant’s death crushing the city) and her support for Dream Corps’ Cut50 campaign to reduce incarceration.

Everyone’s got time to burn right now and creativity is king, so Jimmy and Demi figured it’d be a good chance to paint each other’s portraits. Check out the result below.

Source: Billboard