Demi Lovato Reveals Her Old AOL Screen Name Was Inspired By Kelly Clarkson


Demi Lovato has always been a hardcore Kelly Clarkson fan.

The 25-year-old singer visited SiriusXM’s Morning Mash Up on Thursday, where she happily revealed that one of her former AOL screen names was actually inspired by Clarkson.

«I had Demilicious and Little Kelly because I was obsessed with Kelly Clarkson,» she shared.

This isn’t the first time Lovato and Clarkson have expressed their mutual love for one another. In honor of Lovato’s birthday in 2015, Clarkson sang a cover of her hit «Cool For the Summer» during her concert in L.A.

«It’s one of my girls’ birthdays tomorrow…and when I say my ‘girl,’ I mean Demi Lovato,» Clarkson said as the crowd cheered. «She’s always been so supportive and so cool.»

To say Lovato was happy with the shoutout is an understatement.

This article was originally published by: ET