Deadpool 2: the best Easter Eggs and cameos to look out for


Wade’s jokes are endless


Deadpool is back for a second outing – and as with the ultra-referential first film, this new superhero romp is packed with silly jokes and cameos. Here are the best Easter Eggs and cameos to look out for in Deadpool 2. Mild spoilers follow.

1. Brad Pitt

At one point, Pitt was in contention for the role of this film’s villain, Cable, but he had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. Then, he was offered this cameo, as Vanisher.

In the film, Deadpool gets together a group of heroes called the X-Force. One of them is called Vanisher – a mutant who can turn invisible. You only see him when he lands on a telephone wire and gets electrocuted – at which point he becomes visible as Brad Pitt for barely a second.

Look out for the other members of X-Force, too: Terry Crews, Lewis Tan and Bill Skarsgård.

2. The MCU: Thanos, Hawkeye and more

Among the nods to the MCU in this film is a joke aimed at Cable (Josh Brolin) – whom Deadpool calls ‘Thanos’. This is riffing on the fact that Brolin plays both Marvel villains.

Deadpool also jokes when he can’t use his superpowers that he’s like “Hawkeye without the bow and arrow”; he also christens Dopinder “Brown Panther” and Domino “black Black Widow”, because of course he does.

3. Professor X’s wheelchair

Wade gets in Professor X’s wheelchair and wheels around the mansion.