Christina Aguilera Longs For A Reunion With Britney Spears On ‘TRL’


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Christina Aguilera’s Liberation arrived on Friday (June 15) after an agonizing six-year wait and she has been in full promo mode to make sure it finds an audience. Legend X belted out a solo version of “Fall In Line” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and then performed a mini-concert on The Today Show. She also dropped by TRL (yes, it has been rebooted) to plug the album. While there, host Sway Calloway played footage from a 1999 episode featuring Jennifer LopezDestiny’s Child and other pop luminaries.

When asked who she would like to reunite with, Christina settled on Britney Spears. “I can’t lie. It’s always good to see Britney,” the 37-year-old said. “It’s always good to see her. I’d love that.” At this point in their careers, I think a collaboration would make sense for both of them. Speaking of duets, Xtina also sang Demi Lovato’s praises. “Demi is somebody that, she has a past. She has something to say. She is open about her own personal struggles, again I really admire that in a person.” Check out assorted clips from the episode below.

Christina talks Britney:

Christina praises Demi:


Christina on Kanye West:

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