Christina Aguilera Has A New Song… On A Movie Soundtrack


I’m starting to think Christina Aguilera’s 8th album is the musical equivalent of a unicorn — magical, flawless and non-existent. While we’re no closer to a release date despite several fictional Instagram updates protesting otherwise, Xtina is blessing us with new music via upcoming Melissa McCarthy movie Life Of The Party. Apparently, she even has a cameo. (It’s a start, but I’m still holding out for Burlesque 2). A preview surfaced online and you can hear a new track from the Lotus queen playing in the background.

From the snippet, “Feels So Good” sounds like a throwback to the brassy, big-band sound of Back To Basics. That’s obviously a good thing, particularly when it’s an uptempo. As much as I appreciate the opportunity to add another bop to my various Christina playlists, it’s time to start rolling out CA8. She has been chipping away at the album since 2012 and I’m worried about the material getting stale. Fergie was in the exact same position with Double Dutchess and we all know how that turned out. Listen to “Feels So Good” below.

This article was originally published by: Idolator