Christina Aguilera Drops Alluring Teaser About Stopping & Starting Over ‘From Scratch’: Watch


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After six long years, Xtina is ready to return. Following a pair of enigmatic teasers on Twitter on Sunday (Apr. 29) that appeared to hint at a new album, Christina Aguilera further affirmed everyone’s suspicions aobut new music with another video late Tuesday (May 1.) The video is captionless, and is only 14 seconds long, but seems to provide a promise of exciting things to come.

The video fades in with a shadowed Aguilera lying on her back in moonlit water as crickets gently chirp in the distance, before cutting to the singer lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, surrounded by pillows and multi-colored stuffed animals. “I feel in life when you get to a place where you feel so comfortable, and so routine,” she says, “then, you know, you have to stop and start from scratch.” The video ends with Aguilera lighting a match, staring into the burning flame with her translucent blue eyes, as soft as the 808 drums beat in the background.

The new album, rumored to be titled Liberation, would be Aguilera’s first since 2012’s Lotus. The singer’s previous teaser included a cryptic collection of raw camera footage, with the word “liberation” fragmented throughout. Recently shared fan footage from a performance in Baku, Azerbaijan, included the pop star’s voice echoing over a glitchy video as she says, among other things, “this is my liberation. This is our liberation.”

Check out the teaser below:

This article was originally published by: Billboard