Jungkook de BTS y Charlie Puth en “Left and Right”: Teaser, horario de estreno, metas y más


El idol de Bangtan y Charlie Puth presentan un adelanto de la esperada colaboración que se estrena este 24 de junio.

A poco de ver el MV oficial de Left and Right, Jungkook y Charlie Puth estrenan teaser y más videos promocionales de la colaboración. A continuación, te contamos cuándo se estrena, horarios según tu país y más detalles del single.

Luego del anuncio del descanso temporal de BTS como banda, ARMY recibió una gran noticia sobre uno de los integrantes de Bangtan: Jungkook y el cantante americano, Charlie Puth alistaban una colaboración, que ha sido una de las más esperadas por el fandom.

Ambos artistas unieron sus voces en una melodía para lanzar “Left and Right”, sencillo que está acaparando la atención de los fans, y que se espera sea todo un éxito en las plataformas musicales.

Anunció de “Left and right”:

A través de sus redes sociales Charlie Puth y el golden maknae de Bangtan adelantaron un fragmento de la letra y parte de la melodía del tema.

En el corto video promocional se ve que Puth finge llamar a Jungkook por teléfono y le da instrucciones sobre lo que quiere para la canción.

Teaser oficial de “Left and Right”:

Charlie Puth compartió con sus fans un primer vistazo del MV de “Left and right”.

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The day has finally arrived: Demi Lovato has officially gone (back to) pop-punk. On June 6, the singer (who uses they/them and she/her pronouns) announced she’s dropping their eighth album, Holy Fvck, later this year. This is the update Lovatics have waited for.

Last month, Lovato previewed their new single “Skin of My Teeth” and announced the single’s June 10 release. Lovato debuted an edgier, leather-inspired new look, and she’s keeping the goth vibes on Holy Fvck. The album cover features Lovato laying on a stained bed shaped like a cross while tied in what looks to be black straps up and down their body. There’s also a lot of red (perhaps a symbol for blood?) in the photo, including Lovato in an apparent red bodysuit. The image appears akin to an emo Crucifixion of Jesus.

Of course, as anyone who grew up watching Sonny with a Chance and Camp Rock after school on the Disney Channel will tell you, this is not Lovato’s first foray into pop-punk. Their debut 2008 album, Don’t Forget, and 2009 follow-up, Here We Go Agin, embraced pop-rock influences.

With Lovato (finally) back in their pop-punk era, here’s everything to know about Holy Fvck before it arrives and makes me grow out emo bangs.

According to a press release, Holy Fvck will be released on Aug. 19, and holy f*ck that’s so soon.

Lovato hasn’t announced the tracklist for Holy Fvck; however, the press release states it will be a 16-track record.

The lead single, “Skin of My Teeth,” will drop on June 10. A day earlier, Lovato will perform the single on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. She teased snippets of the song on Instagram and TikTok in the past few weeks. The press releases states the song will showcase their “multi-faceted artistry and powerhouse vocals.”

The press release also states that Lovato will be offering an “earnest yet tongue-in-cheek retrospective.” How that will influence their sound, which appears to be rougher than her “Heartache” and “Cool for the Summer” days, is still unclear.

In a statement, Lovato called making Holy Fvck her “most fulfilling” album yet. “Never have I been more sure of myself and my music, and this record speaks that for itself,” they said. “To my Lovatics who have been rocking out with me since the beginning and those who are just now coming along for the ride, thank you. This record is for you.”

On June 6, Lovato released their latest teaser for the new era, which included footage from what appears to be both the “Skin of My Teeth” music video and behind-the-scenes moments.


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This followed a series of rollout videos, including a TikTok from June 5 that seems to summarize Lovato’s mindset for Holy Fvck. “I’m pissing people off by owning my truth, and I’m f*cking okay with it,” they said in the video. “Just by being me.”

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Justin Bieber teases Don Toliver collaboration ‘Honest’ with goofy video for ‘I Feel Funny’


“Justin randomly texted me this song one day and said ‘should we do a visual to this? song straight to number 1’,” director Cole Bennett explained.

The weekend releases new music video ‘OUT OF TIME’


The Weeknd’s audiovisual proposals are increasingly daring and shocking. With his previous album he was able to build a whole conceptual narrative that he seems to want to repeat with his most recent studio album: Dawn FM. It is clear that Out of time continues the events we saw in Gasoline.


And it is not the only great attraction of a video in which the Canadian has signed HoYeon Jung, one of the stars of The Squid Game, as co-star and Jim Carrey as the doctor responsible for his time in the operating room.

It is then that what looks like a rnb video, romantic and full of sweetness turns into a heartbreaking story that leaves even the viewer with a bad body. Death? Murder? Change of face to escape?

During the last few days, Abel Tesfaye (real name of the soloist) has been leaving some clues on his social networks about what the release of this videoclip, Out of time, meant, and asked by many users he made it clear that as with his previous elepé, the videos had to be seen in a very specific order.


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Ed Sheeran and J Balvin release two tracks together.

Ed Sheeran and J Balvin publicity
CR: Gaby Deimeke

Singer J Balvin premiered his long-awaited collaborations with Ed Sheeran. The songs are «Sigue» and «Forever My Love», in which the British singer sings in Spanish.

This Thursday 24th, J Balvin and Ed Sheeran premiered two collaborations: «Sigue» and «Forever My Love». Both songs had been announced a few days ago by the Colombian, who shared on social networks a brief preview of the audiovisual production with the British artist.

Then, Balvin shared videoclip with an emotional message in which he explains that each song explores the world of each artist. «Everything good takes time. Six months ago I was in the gym and I said: this ‘man’ is similar to Ed Sheeran, well it was, it was him,» he told.

«We had a coffee, we talked about life and we had a great vibe, we created a genuine friendship talking about everything from the simplest things to how to be a father hehe. In New York we agreed to meet one day in the studio and well, you’ll see later what we did hehehehe,» he added.

Also, J Balvin said about his collaboration with Ed Sheeran: «I wanted him to be in a song in the world of reggaeton and he invited me to his world, it was brutal to hear it in Spanish and we hope you enjoy this as much as we do. Much love and peace on earth.

Sebastián Yatra recruits John Legend for a bilingual version of his hit «Tacones Rojos».


The Colombian singer-songwriter unveiled this Wednesday the bilingual version of his hit song in which he also shares microphones with the outstanding American singer-songwriter John Legend.

The video for this version was shot in Los Angeles and we see Yatra and Legend -who are neighbors in the video clip- talking about that girl who dances reggaeton with red heels that drives the Colombian crazy.

Also several scenes of the visual production remind us of the famous movie/musical «La La Land».

Sebastián Yatra said that although the song has the energy of the original version, he considers it a completely new song.

«It has the joy of the original track, but for me it’s a completely new song. It sounds like it was created this way. It was meant to have John’s voice on it along with mine,» Yatra said via a statement.

What seems to have captivated Legend to share his voice on the track is the energy it conveys.

«Red Heels has a beautiful, upbeat vibe. It’s about meeting someone who brings love, light and charm into your life,» John Legend said via a statement.

Those «Red High Heels» that captivated Sebastian Yatra.
Legend says that this was the first time he tried to translate a song from Spanish to English and in which he could preserve not only the metric but the sonority of the original. This was one of the American’s biggest challenges, he says.

«It was already an amazing single, but this is the first time I’ve tried to translate a Spanish song into English. It’s not a simple conversion of words. You have to translate the feeling and reshape it and adapt the language so that it flows naturally and feels like an original English song,» Legend said.

Sebastian Yatra showed gratitude at Legend’s generosity in joining the project.

«Creating this version together with John has been a beautiful experience,» the Colombian said through a statement.

«The fact that he sings a song that I wrote, these melodies and this message of love makes me very happy and is rewarding for me both personally and professionally,» he added.

The success of «Tacones Rojos».
The track is part of «Dharma», Yatra’s third album production, which according to his record label (Universal Music) is the most played Latin album on Spotify so far.

«I wrote this album with all the lessons that this last year has left me… this big process of life that I’ve had, to really follow my heart and do the things that I want to do, that I am born and that are natural to me, not to create so many obstacles for fear, to follow my spirit,» Yatra told Zona Pop CNN about «Dharma.»

«Tacones Rojos» also charted in TikTok’s Top 10 and Spotify’s Global Top 50. In February, the single reached the top spot on Billboard’s Latin Airplay chart.

In the U.S. it has been certified platinum by the RIAA.






Se trata de un adelanto de ‘Mercury – Act 2’

A estas alturas, Imagine Dragons no necesitan presentación. El grupo lleva más de una década haciéndonos cantar hasta quedarnos afónicos con sus temazos. Las letras llenas de empoderamiento, el ritmo de los tambores y los estribillos épicos se han convertido en el principal sello de identidad del grupo.

Durante los últimos meses, los chicos han estado rompiendo con su tema Enemy. Una canción que estaba dispuesta a triunfar desde que la escuchamos, y es que forma parte de la banda sonora de una de las series revelación de la temporada: Arkane. La ficción, inspirada en el famoso videojuego de League Of Legends, ha sido uno de los últimos hits de Netflix. Una apuesta segura. Sobre todo, teniendo en cuenta que los chicos ya habían puesto banda sonora a este universo en Warrior.

Imagine Dragons lanzan Bones
Pero no todo va a ser sacar canciones para bandas sonoras. ¡Ni mucho menos! Este viernes, 11 de marzo, los chicos han sorprendido a sus seguidores y seguidoras con un nuevo temazo. Se trata de Bones, el primer adelanto de su próximo LP, Mercury – Act 2. Se trata de una canción que habla directamente de la vida y la muerte y que explota con un estribillo que no podrás quitarte de la cabeza.

Dan Reynolds, el líder del grupo, ha descrito la canción con las siguientes palabras: “’Bones’ es un reflejo de mi constante obsesión por la finitud y la fragilidad de la vida. Siempre estoy en busca de alguna evidencia que me convenza de que hay más por venir – que la vida es realmente eterna en algún sentido. Como todavía no lo he encontrado, intento al menos soñar con lo que se sentiría al vencer a la muerte en una canción».

En cuanto a la producción de la canción, Imagine Dragons ha contado con los productores Mattman y Robin. No nos extraña que el grupo haya apostado de nuevo por ellos, y es que también estuvieron detrás del sonido de Enemy.

Además, la banda estadounidense podrá cantar por primera vez este tema en directo durante su gira Mercury World Tour este mismo 12 de marzo en Los Ángeles. Sin duda, un gran regalo para los fans del grupo.



Olivia Rodrigo se coronó como una de las mayores promesas del pop y pop/rock tras el lanzamiento de Sour, su primer álbum de estudio. Vio la luz en mayo de 2021, pero sus canciones siguen siendo la banda sonora de millones de personas en todo el mundo.

Pues bien. Parece que la artista ya se ha cansado de hacer esperar a sus fans y ha querido sorprenderlos con un nuevo lanzamiento.

Aún se desconoce si se trata de una nueva canción o del estreno de algún videoclip. Lo que está claro es que este 18 de febrero, la intérprete de Drivers License va a lanzar nuevo proyecto. Así lo ha anunciado a través de sus redes sociales, donde ha compartido un vídeo en el que se enfoca a la radio de un coche decorada con pegatinas que a los fans de Olivia les resultan muy familiares.

Como era de esperar, la noticia ha revolucionado a sus fans en cuestión de segundos. De hecho, la publicación se ha inundado de mensajes de emoción e histeria. «QUÉ SIGNIFICA ESTO», «TOMORROW QUÉ» y «NO BUENO NO DUERMO» son algunos de los mensajes, en mayúsculas, que se pueden leer entre las reacciones.


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Otros incluso se atreven a apostar por el videoclip de Happier, una de las canciones que forman parte de Sour. Teniendo en cuenta que después de su lanzamiento ha ido estrenando vídeos musicales de algunas canciones que forman parte de este primer álbum, no nos extrañaría que nos sorprendiese con otro.

De momento tendremos que esperar unas horas para descubrir de qué se trata. Lo que está claro es que Olivia está dispuesta a convertirse en la protagonista de la semana y del mes con este lanzamiento.

La artista ha comenzado el 2022 con muy bien pie. Tanto que ha sido elegida Mujer del Año en los Billboard Women in Music, que reconoce el talento de las mujeres que forman parte de la industria. También se subió al escenario del O2 de Londres durante la gala de los BRIT Awards para recoger su primer premio de este certamen. En concreto, el de la categoría a Mejor canción internacional gracias al éxito de su hit Good 4 U.

Olivia quiere seguir expandiendo su talento allá donde va, y nos ha quedado muy claro que lo está consiguiendo. ¡Enhorabuena!

Coldplay and Selena Gomez, united in chaos in the video for ‘Let Somebody Go’.


The ‘Music of the Spheres’ era has been a success with which Coldplay has managed to regain public after the commercial flop of ‘Everyday Life’. The British group has achieved it by copying ‘Blinding Lights’ before anyone else in the presentation single (pioneers!), collaborating with the band that causes more fan hysteria right now, BTS, in what has been the big hit of the album, ‘My Universe’; and delivering an album much worse than the previous one, something that the public has received with open arms.


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Another claim contained in ‘Music of the Spheres’ was the collaboration of Selena Gomez on the ballad ‘Let Somebody Go’, which has received its fair share of streams on Spotify (over 63 million) but is not one of Coldplay’s top 10 most listened tracks on the platform as of today. The song has received both positive (e.g. from Rolling Stone) and negative reviews (e.g. in our forums; one user called it «horrendous») and commercially it has fallen far short of repeating the success of ‘My Universe’, but it was the obvious next single from ‘Music of the Spheres’ and, just when you were starting to forget about it (if you hadn’t already), along comes its music video.




2022 comes loaded with new music. And what better news than that it will be from our favorite artists, such as Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. Although this is not entirely certain at the moment, there are irrefutable suspicions that can confirm it.

The interpreter of Perfect has revolutionized social networks with this Instagram post: «Signing some CDs for something coming soon, stay tuned,» he wrote. The image showed a card with the joker on one side and the queen of hearts on the other. However, the queen is blonde, which fans have been quick to deduce looks like…. Taylor Swift!


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And the reference is very clear. Ed refers to The Joker and The Queen, his single included in his latest work, = (Equals), which was released in October 2021. What does he mean by this, and is there a remix of The Joker and The Queen with Taylor Swift coming? Fans of both stars have already taken to researching and are pretty sure of what they’ve seen. «Joker and The Queen remix with Taylor so true,» wrote one fan. «I see a blonde queen @taylorswift,» added another. Clearly, suspicions end up being confirmed.

The theories that confirm the possible collaboration

Now, the theories that justify this suspicion are as follows. According to Taylor’s fans, this release is the «last» piece that would complete the mystery of the remix. In the video clip of Sheeran’s Overpass Graffiti there were some references to the interpreter of All Too Well: a patch on Ed’s black leather jacket reading «Taylor Swift», in addition to also reading his name on a fake newspaper whose headline reads ‘Where’s ED?’.

None of this could be a coincidence, as Elton John is mentioned in the same newspaper and he participated with the singer in Merry Christmas. Nor did they doubt the reference to Ed in Taylor’s I Bet You Think About Me video where the equals sign (=) appears on the cake. No doubt, the Swifties and the Sheerios have a very potent eagle eye.

It wouldn’t be the first time the couple would collaborate together, but it would be the first in this 2022. And for this reason fans’ hype for the content is only rising. Now we just have to wait to confirm what has been announced. And you, would you like to listen to the remix of The Joker and The Queen with Taylor Swift?