There’s been no shortage of Adele news as of late. Media outlets have been abuzz about the songwriter after she seemingly confirmed her relationship with her boyfriend, Rich Paul. Meanwhile, fans are speculating that the singer is gearing up to release a new song this week. But unfortunately, not all of the news is good. Adele, and her producer, have recently been accused of allegedly plagiarizing her hit song, “Million Years Ago.”

“Million Years Ago” is a song from Adele’s third studio album, 25. The melancholy ballad seems to recount how the singer’s life drastically changed. It is deeply emotional and received critical and commercial acclaim. However, the song is now receiving some negative attention. People have begun to notice the similarities between it and a classic Brazillian song entitled “Mulheres” or women in English.

Toninho Geraes believes Adele’s song ‘Million Years Ago’ plagarizes his song ‘Mulheres’

“Mulheres” was composed by Toninho Geraes and the song has been covered by a number of Brazilian artists. Though Adele released “Million Years Ago” back in 2015, Geraes didn’t hear the song until 2020. Geraes doesn’t follow international pop music, so he didn’t learn of the song until a music producer played it for him.

Offset regala lujosa mansión a Cardi B en República Dominicana.


Tremendo obsequio recibió la cantante estadounidense de origen dominicano Cardi B por el día de su cumpleaños número 29.

Offset sorprendió a su amada Cardi B con mansión que según ha trascendido se encuentra ubicada en Punta Cana, una de las zonas más exclusivas de la República Dominicana.

La celebración que estuvo llena de celebridades como: Tiffany Haddish, Teyana Taylor, Lizzo , Snoop Dogg , Winnie Harlow, Anitta, entre otros, estuvo diseñada en base a un tema de “dancehall” caribeño que hizo que todos los asistentes se movieran.

El artista dijo que quería regalarle algo extra especial después del gran año que acaban de tener incluido el nacimiento de su hijo el mes pasado.

De acuerdo a TMZ, la propiedad que mostró en el video cuenta con una gran extensión, piscina en un lugar aislado rodeado de palmeras.



Adele shared a teaser for her new single “Easy on Me” ahead of the release of her upcoming fourth album. In a monochrome clip shared on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon (October 5), the singer is seen in a car driving down a country road while a piano plays softly in the background. It has been announced that the song will be out on October 15. Earlier in the week, fans speculated that a new ad was on the way after the artist’s website and social media accounts were updated and the number «30» began to appear in prominent places. The new album is rumored to be titled 30, after 19, 21 and 25.

Elton John and Steve Wonder release a new single


Sir Elton John says his new song with Stevie Wonder is «one of the greatest songs» he’s ever written.

The ‘Rocket Man’ hitmaker and the ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours’ singer – who have been friends for five decades – have released the track ‘Finish Line’ from the former’s star-studded ‘The Lockdown Sessions’ LP, which is released on October 22.

The pair previously teamed up on a cover of ‘That’s What Friends Are For’ with Dionne Warwick and Gladys Knight back in 1985.

And the 74-year-old music legend explained how the new duet – which is produced by Andrew Watt – happened entirely behind «accident», but turned out to be his one of his favourite tunes he’s ever released.

Speaking to studio wizard Andrew on Elton’s Rocket Hour on Apple Music 1, the ‘Tiny Dancer’ hitmaker said: «This track I did with Stevie Wonder is a very unusual way of writing. Usually, I write to lyrics, but I wrote the melody first in the studio, and then your girl put lyrics to it.

«And then Stevie came along and played piano. I played electric piano, and then he did harmonica on it. And then we were trying to get another vocalist on it and he wouldn’t do it because I think he thought he’d done enough. And then you put the gospel choir on, Kanye West Gospel Choir on it.

«And I think when Stevie heard that he decided to do the vocal. And I think for me, it’s one of the greatest records I’ve ever made. Because A, it’s Stevie Wonder, and you made Stevie sound like a 17-year-old again. And the sheer joy in his voice, it was magical, magical, the way this thing came together was a series of accidents in a way.

«I’m so proud of this record because I love him so much. He’s always been so kind to me and so sweet to me, the talent is beyond ridiculous.

«And it was just lovely to spend time with him and just see this wonderful human being smiling and happy and playing on a record of mine.»

Speaking of the song, Stevie, 71, said Elton’s «wisdom, pain, soul, love, and resilience» can be felt throughout.

He said: «It is both a joy and honor to sing, play piano and harmonica for Elton! He has truly been one of the great spirits of music, life, friendship and love, who I’ve met on this life journey! True artistry and music like love equals a forever commitment lasting many lifetimes. And Elton, anyone who hears your voice singing «Finish Line», will hear and feel your wisdom, your pain, your soul, your love, but also your resilience….. I love it!! Congratulations to you and our forever and never, never-ending music, friendship, life-song! Long live Sir Elton John!!! (big smiley face!) (sic)»

‘The Lockdown Sessions’ also features tracks with the likes of Brandi Carlile, Charlie Puth, Dua Lipa, Eddie Vedder, Gorillaz, Lil Nas X, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Rina Sawayama, SG Lewis, Stevie Nicks, and Young Thug.

Tune in and listen to the episode in full this Saturday (02.10.21) at 5pm BST at

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Are The Weeknd and Angelina Jolie dating?


After being seen spending time together on September 25, in Santa Monica, California, Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd drove fans crazy, who in networks commented on a possible romance between the artists. Several photographers captured the actress and the singer dining together at the luxurious Giorgio Baldi restaurant, the same location where they shared an evening in June of this year. The nature of their relationship aroused curiosity among users, however, none of the stars have commented on the subject. According to the international media E! News, one of its exclusive informants, assured that between the protagonist of ‘Maleficent’ and the interpreter of ‘Blinding Lights’ there is no romantic relationship. «They are not together. They have mutual interests and enjoy putting their ideas together to see what comes up, ”confirmed the E! News. The dinners between the artists are not due to a growing love affair, as has been speculated on social networks. “They have recently been talking about partnering on some humanitarian projects together. They love to talk about movies and the art form. » A second informant commented something similar to the same outlet, noting that the interpreters got on well, as friends, after meeting a few months ago.

Singer R. Kelly, convicted of abuse and sex trafficking and racketeering by a New York court


The American singer R. Kelly, interpreter of the super-hit I belive I can fly, was found guilty this Monday of organized crime and sex trafficking after a six-week trial that took place in New York, in which dozens of people testified against he. As reported by local media, the jury announced its ruling after nine hours of deliberations, and assumes that a former R&B star in the 1990s, who barely reacted to the decision, faces a sentence that can add up several decades in jail.

R. Kelly was accused by the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York with crimes of organized crime, coercion and transporting women and girls to carry out illegal sexual activities in the United States for two decades, charges similar to those he faces in Chicago, where he was behind bars since his arrest in 2019 until last June.

At the New York trial, the prosecution interrogated at least 10 women who said they had been abused by 54-year-old Robert Sylvester Kelly and dozens of other witnesses who detailed a continuing pattern of abuse for four weeks. The women described on the stage a charismatic celebrity who frequently chose young victims who attended her concerts, who she sometimes sexually assaulted behind the scenes minutes after the show.

The testimonies also revealed prolonged abuse by Kelly against his partners, who he beat, forced to call him “daddy” (daddy), controlled the way he dressed, when they could use the bathroom or eat, how they interacted with other men and if they could leave the rooms of residences or hotels in which he kept them. In addition, they uncovered that R. Kelly used an entire network of employees to assist him in his efforts to recruit, isolate and intimidate young girls.

Attorney Gloria Allred, representative of several of the victims, assured that Kelly is the «worst sexual predator» she has seen during her long professional career. «To begin with, he used the power of his celebrity status to recruit vulnerable minors in order to sexually abuse them,» Allred told reporters in front of the courts, shortly after the sentence was known. The lawyer stressed that these were not simple relationships between a young person and an older person, as argued by Kelly’s defense, but that they were «crimes committed against girls and some adults.» Last week, the artist decided not to testify during the judicial process, in which his lawyers tried to discredit the allegations of sexual abuse through several of his former employees, who claimed they had never seen such behavior and who came to describe him as «chivalrous» .



Apenas han pasado unos días desde que Lil Nas X dio a luz, literalmente, con la llegada de su álbum debut Montero. El disco era uno de los trabajos de estudio más esperados de todo el año y prueba de ello es la tremenda acogida que ha tenido desde su estreno. Y ya mismo podemos decir que Montero Lamar Hill (así se llama Lil Nas X en realidad) ha batido un nuevo récord gracias a su música. Pero no lo ha conseguido con este disco, sino con una canción anterior de la que seguro que tú también te acuerdas.

Hablamos de Old Town Road, el exitazo que nos permitió poner en el mapa musical a este rapero hace ya dos años, especialmente después de lanzar su remix oficial con el mítico cantante country Billy Ray Cyrus. El también padre de Miley Cyrus le dio un toque ‘western’ a la canción y se convirtió rápidamente en uno de los temas más virales del pasado año 2019 a nivel mundial. Una canción que sigue rompiendo moldes en las principales listas del planeta, a pesar del tiempo que ha pasado desde su lanzamiento.

Y es que se sigue consolidando como la canción con más certificaciones en Estados Unidos de toda la historia. Nada menos que 15 discos de platino otorgados por RIAA, la organización encargada de dar este tipo de títulos a las composiciones más exitosas del país norteamericano. ¡Impresionante!

El propio artista se ha encargado de tener unas palabras tras la gran noticia en sus perfiles sociales, eso sí, de la mejor forma posible ahora mismo: compartiendo nuevamente su recién estrenado disco de estudio. «¡Ve a escuchar el álbum Montero para celebrarlo!», ha escrito en su Twitter oficial.



La banda de K-Pop se niega a afirmar que las nuevas generaciones tengan el futuro perdido. BTS aterrizó en la ciudad de Nueva York el pasado 20 de septiembre para demostrar que haberse convertido en las figuras referentes de millones de jóvenes no ha sido una casualidad. Un año más, los surcoreanos protagonizaron un emotivo discurso en la Asamblea General de la ONU, cuyas palabras han sido aplaudidas en todo el mundo.

Una característica importante de la música de estos artistas de K-Pop son las inspiradoras letras que incluyen todos y cada uno de sus temas. Letras cuyo único propósito es el de alentar a los jóvenes a luchar por su futuro y a no rendirse nunca. Ellos no están solos, pues cuentan con el apoyo y la confianza de estos artistas.

Pues bien. Esta idea es la que han querido llegar al estrado de la Asamblea General de la ONU. Se han negado a reconocer que los más jóvenes son la generación perdida. «La gente de 20 años no es la generación perdida del COVID-19. Es la generación que ha dado la bienvenida a los cambios. Hay cosas que podemos hacer. Lo importante son las elecciones», aseguraba RM frente al micrófono. «Si creemos en las posibilidades y en la esperanza, incluso cuando ocurra lo inesperado, no perderemos nuestro camino, sino que descubriremos uno nuevo», añadió. De hecho, nuestros protagonistas destacaron los problemas que han dejado «las generaciones mayores» y la importancia que toman las más jóvenes para solucionarlos.

En cuanto a la pandemia, por supuesto, también ha sido un tema protagonista de su discurso. Los surcoreanos aseguraban que ellos también se desesperaron durante este último año. «Nos rompió el corazón tener que cancelar nuestra última gira de conciertos. Fue un momento de duelo por las cosas que el COVID-19 nos quitó», aseguraba.

Pero ellos siempre encuentran una razón por la que seguir confiando en la esperanza y en sus ilusiones. «No solo hay que ver el futuro como un lugar oscuro. Hay mucha gente luchando por encontrar soluciones», declararon. Una de estas soluciones que han encontrado es la de la vacunación. Muchos se preguntaron si BTS habían recibido sus dosis para hacer frente al coronavirus, y la respuesta es afirmativa. «Los 7 estamos vacunados. Las decisiones que tomamos importan para otros», aseguraban.

Lil nas X has already given birth to the album Montero.


Lil ha compartido unas divertidísimas imágenes en su cuenta oficial de Instagram, donde primero anunció su «embarazo», y más recientemente ha hecho públicas las fotografías de lo habría sido su baby shower. Después ha subido un vídeo simulando tener contracciones para indicar que apenas quedaban unas horas para que todos conociésemos a su primer bebé: Montero. Sus seguidores han enloquecido con esta peculiar y original forma de promocionar el disco. 

El día del nacimiento estaba programado para este viernes 17 de septiembre y el pequeño no se hizo esperar. Llegó puntual con 15 canciones de peso, entre ellas colaboraciones tan potentes como las que tiene con Miley Cirus, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion o Elthon John. Además de sus éxitos «MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)» y «Industry Baby» con Jack Harlow.

MONTERO viene con un cuidado vídeo cinematográfico, protagonizado por él mismo y titulado «Eso es lo que quiero«. En la escena inicial del clip, dirigido por STILLZ, Nas se pone en la piel de un jugador de fútbol de escuela secundaria que tiene una relación con su compañero de equipo. Más adelante descubre que este compañero de vestuario está casado y tiene un hijo. Noticia que le destroza por completo. Con lágrimas en los ojos, Nas camina hacia el altar con un vestido de novia antes de que Billy Porter le entregue una guitarra.

Nas ha hecho de todo para promocionar este primer álbum: desde su espectacular actuación en los VMA, entrevistas en diversos programas de televisión, vallas publicitarias, la sesión de fotos de su embarazo y hasta su propio show. Fotografías que fueron realizadas durante una sesión para la revista People, a quienes le ha contado en una entrevista cómo surgió la idea del embarazo.

La historia viene tras escuchar una frase de Megan Thee Stallion en su nueva canción «Dolla Sign Slime». «Fue como, ‘Oh, por Dios, esto es increíble’, así que de inmediato llamé a mi estilista», cuenta el artista a People. «Ella me dijo, ‘Wow, esto hace sentido. Tu álbum. Tu bebé.’ Y yo dije, ‘Sí, este es mi bebé’. Entre risas, ella le dijo, ‘Sí, deberías hacer una sesión de fotos del embarazo’”, cuenta Nas la manera en la que la idea de la promoción surgió y salió adelante.

También destacan una especie de vallas publicitarias que simuló el cantante. En las fotos compartidas por él mismo en su cuenta de Instagram, parecen ser carteles reales en la calle, pero parece que se trata solo de una buena edición. En algunas de ellas vemos frases tipo: “¿Gay? Puede que estés en condiciones de recibir una compensación monetaria”, y añadía que para ello visitaran la página oficial del disco. Una mención del artista que nos recuerda los despectivos comentarios que recibe acerca de la demostración de su sexualidad en sus canciones y videoclips.

Camila Cabello dazzles at the premiere of her movie ‘Cinderella’.


Camila Cabello dazzled this Monday at the premiere in Los Angeles of her version of «Cinderella» that she has starred in for the Amazon platform and which marks her debut in Hollywood. On the red carpet, the Latin star wore a spectacular dress in light and silver tones at the top – matching the bag and earrings – and with a large black skirt topped with leather boots. Cabello attended the presentation of her film at The Greek Theater, a historic and iconic venue in Los Angeles that is used mostly for concerts in the summer months.

Cabello’s «Cinderella», which will land on Amazon on Friday, September 3, is a musical tape that updates the famous tale and directed by Kay Cannon, who signed the script for «Pitch Perfect» (2012) and which was released after cameras with the comedy «Blockers» (2018). Idina Menzel, Minnie Driver, James Corden, Nicholas Galitzine, Pierce Brosnan and Billy Porter, who turns the typical role of the Fairy Godmother around, accompany Cabello in the cast of this film. With a more modern and pop look at the classic «Cinderella» tale, the movie trailer shows Cabello trying to get by despite the difficulties she finds in her family.

«We couldn’t be more excited to have our customers around the world sing and dance to Kay Cannon’s version of this classic story,» Jennifer Salke, the chief executive officer of Amazon Studios, said last May. Of Cuban descent, Cabello began in the world of music with the group Fifth Harmony before launching her solo career. With his name he has published the albums “Camila” (2018), which included the song “Havana”; and “Romance” (2019), which contained the song “Señorita” with her partner Shawn Mendes.