Cashmere Cat’s ‘Trust Nobody’ Feat. Selena Gomez & Tory Lanez


Cashmere Cat doesn’t trust a lot of people to see his face. It’s no real surprise he doesn’t make an appearance in the video for “Trust Nobody,” although neither do the track’s collaborators Selena Gomez or Tory Lanez.

The Norwegian producer is poised for a total pop takeover with his upcoming album Wild Love. The first titular single featured The Weeknd, of course, and now this, but Cashmere Cat continues to push the boundaries of what pop can be.

“Trust Nobody” features plenty of dope choreography and beautiful scenery, but the dance moves don’t come from flannel-clad cool kids in some glistening street or a pop starlet writhing on a satin sheet. It’s quite artistic, back-lit atop a series of windy platforms. The dancing echoes the mood of the song. It’s nice. Check it out below.