Camila Cabello Unleashes ‘Made In Miami,’ A Mini-Documentary, With YouTube


Camila Cabello opens up about her past and charts her rise to fame in her newly released mini-documentary, Made In Miami. The “Never Be The Same” superstar teamed up with YouTube to unleash the 17-minute special today (February 27). Directed by Tabitha Denholm, it includes exclusive interviews with Cabello and some behind-the-scenes footage from the last year. The purpose is to tell “the story of Camila’s journey from arriving in Miami from Cuba as a kid to finding her voice and releasing her debut album” while also paying tribute to “how generations of strong women have shaped the Cabello family and inspired Camila to become the artist she is today.”

After a quick reminder of all Camila accomplished since parting ways with Fifth Harmony in 2016, the documentary opens with her returning to Miami for a segment of interviews with her family. During this, her mother Sinuhe talks about the family’s decision to leave Cuba in order to pursue a better future for their daughter. Through it all, music played an important role in the pop star’s life. “I was always obsessed with artists and music,” she said. However, she admitted that being shy made it hard for her to perform in front of anyone. That all changed when she tried out for The X-Factor in 2012 and eventually became a global sensation.

As the conversation turns to her budding solo career, additional interviews from Simon CowellCharli XCXFrank Dukes and Cabello’s manager, Roger Gold offer insight into her creative process and her decisions to move on to new ventures. “She wanted the ability to make the record she wanted to make. And then she realized obviously now that people like her music. I mean, the fact that she’s number one on the single and album charts; that’s magic,” Cowell said.

That all started with the breakout success of “Havana.” Dukes, who produced the track, opened up about how the massively viral hit invigorated Camila and inspired her on to greatness. Other topics up for discussion in the documentary include the recording of the rest of Camila and other inspirations on her life. Watch Made In Miami up top and check out an additional Q&A with the hitmaker below!

This article was originally published by: Idolator