Camila Cabello Nearly Kissed Nick Jonas on New Year’s Eve


Camila Cabello watched the ball drop with Mariah Carey, Nick Jonas and Ryan Seacrest on New Year’s Eve — and she contemplated kissing one of them.

«It’s kind of bittersweet because when you go into the ball drop thing, they don’t let you bring your family up with you,» the «Havana» hitmaker, who performed the song live in Times Square on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve that night, explained in an interview on the Tonight Show. «During the ball drop moment, Cuban people do this thing where we have 12 grapes and we eat them during the last 12 seconds when we make like a resolution or a wish for each grape that we eat … you’re like, good health, get a boyfriend.»

«The ball was dropping, and I was like, am I gonna kiss Nick Jonas?» Cabello spilled to Jimmy Fallon.

«Because it’s like the New Year’s thing,» she insisted.

The moment didn’t go as planned — «I chickened out,» Cabello said — but it was still magical: «Mariah Carey did blow me a kiss, so that was good.»

Watch her recount the experience, as well her recent wardrobe malfunction and her reaction to being included on Obama’s favorite songs of 2017 playlist, below. She also visited Fallon for her steamy debut live performance of «Never Be the Same» earlier in the week.

This article was originally published by: Billboard