Britney Spears Nearly Loses Her Bra On Stage But Recovers Like A Champ: Watch


Britney Spears has proven she can make just about anything look cool — even a wardrobe malfunction.

Right in the middle of performing «I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll» during Britney’s Piece of Me Las Vegas residency show on Saturday (Oct. 22), the top of her cage bra came undone. One of her dancers came to the rescue, but as the song carried on, her bra didn’t want to stay on.

She quickly caught the bra before the crowd could get any sort of peepshow, carrying on with the performance as her dancers tried to get the pesky top to cooperate. They managed to fix it just as the song ended, but by the time the next song started Britney had already covered up to ensure that the crowd didn’t getanything more than their $200 paid for.

Watch her crafty malfunction handling during «I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll» below.