Blac Chyna Vs Rob: She Doesn’t RegretMaking Him Snap, Wants Revenge OnThe Kardashians


The idea of your BF freaking out and airing all of your dirty laundry might be horrifying to most women, but not Blac Chyna. She’s happy that she pushed Rob Kardashian to the edge. It’s all part of her plan for revenge!

Blac Chyna, 29, is feeling pretty smug these days. On July 5, she got Rob Kardashian, 30, so infuriated that he ranted for hours on Instagram and Twitter about her cheating on him. However, he went too far when he posted her naked photos and revealed he bought her surgery and jewelry before she slept with other men. Is she now regretting doing him dirty? Not a chance! As a matter of fact, she’s happy he went off the deep end. She’s hoping his whole family will suffer from his breakdown.

She wants revenge. She isn’t dumb and she knows Rob’s family has never liked her or thought she was good enough for Rob,” an insider tells Exclusivelyof Blac. “They think he’s above herand she’s just proving to him and the world that he’s not. She is done playing and she doesnt regret a thing right now, she’s in full savage mode. She wants Rob to pay for the way he’s disrespected her.” See pics from Rob and Blac’s Insta-war, here.

Thinking back, Blac is still holding some serious resentment towards the K-fam and how Rob acted around them. “He never had her back with his family, maybe at the very start but then after that he never stood up for her,” said the source. “And the same for his family, they have always been against her and now she‘s getting her revenge.” Unfortunately for Blac, her baby daughter Dream is a Kardashian, so she should probably try to retain some sort of positive relationship with them for her sake.

This article was originally published by: Hollywood Life