Bazzi’s “Mine” Is A Viral Sensation: Watch The Trippy Video


2018 is still young, but it has already delivered one breakout star. Bazzi has made the leap from viral sensation to chart force with “Mine.” The slinky, pop/hip-hop hybrid has already racked up 20 million streams on Spotify and topped Apple Music’s Pop Streaming Chart. It’s also the only pop song charting on SoundCloud’s Top 50. The track’s streaming success combined with surging downloads, earned it a lofty debut on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 56. Imagine how far it will climb with radio gets on board.

The arrival of the trippy video will also help. It plays like something of an acid trip, boasting psychedelic special effects (melting faces, a girl with enormous eyes etc) and a random flying sequence. It suits the song’s dreamy vibe and serves as a nice introduction to the 20-year-old hitmaker from Dearborn, MI. If you’re obsessed with “Mine,” take a listen to his latest track “Why.” It arrived last week and it’s another instant earworm. Watch “Mine” up top.

This article was originally published by: Idolator