Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson: A timeline of their relationship


In nearly two months of dating, they’ve given us an internet sensation, nauseating PDAs, and matching tattoos

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

In case you hadn’t heard, Ariana Grande and SNL star Pete Davidson are dating now. Not only that, but they’re engaged, after only a month together. Whether you’re sickened by their public displays of affection or are shipping the new couple, you’ve got to agree calling this a whirlwind romance seems like a bit of an understatement. Let us guide you through a timeline of their relationship, which actually started – at least in some way – longer ago than you might think.

September 2014: Ariana appears as the musical guest on SNL. Pete, who has just joined the cast,  makes his debut on the very same show. No confirmation on if they actually met on this occasion, but it’s not unlikely.

March 2016: Ariana returns to SNL, this time to serve as guest host. At the time, she’s still in a relationship with fellow musician Mac Miller, while Pete has just started dating writer and actor Cazzie David (Larry David’s daughter). The two apparently keep in touch.

May 10 2018: Over two years later, Ariana confirms she is no longer with Mac in an Instagram story, calling him “one of my best friends in the whole world and favourite people on the planet.” She added: “I respect and adore him endlessly and am grateful to have him in my life in any form, at all time, regardless of how our relationship changes or what the universe holds for each of us!” However, the two unfollow each other shortly after.