Angelina Jolie Risks Losing Main Custody Of Kids To Brad Pitt With Her ‘Unreasonable Behavior’


Angelina Jolie may not have custody of her six children much longer if she keeps trying to stop Brad Pitt from being a part of their lives. Find out how her actions are negatively affecting her chances here.

Angelina Jolie, 43, is at risk of losing custody of her six children due to her unreasonable hope for ex Brad Pitt, 54, to not be a part of their lives and if things continue on the way they have been in their intense custody battle, it could get even worse really quickly. “The law (and common sense) doesn’t allow parents to come in and out of the picture – it’s very unstable and bad for them,” California Divorce Attorney Kelly Chang Rickert tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Angelina grew up raised by a single mom. It’s very possible that she thinks this is normal and is willing to fight for it. She also had some of these kids before Brad came in the picture, so it’s possible she thinks of them as ‘her kids’. I absolutely think this will backfire. What people don’t understand is that judges are more likely to award custody to the party that shares. The most awful example of parenting in family court is a ‘gatekeeper’ – someone that refuses to allow the other parent to see the children. Angelina has already been warned. Continuing the fight will fare very badly for her.”

Kelly also weighed in on the news that Angelina’s attorney may be quitting the case during the proceedings. “It’s VERY bad when your family lawyer quits – it reflects incredibly badly on you—it does not look good at all,” she admitted. What’s the best course of action Brad can take from here? According to Kelly, it’s to not give up on his efforts. “Brad needs to continue to seek time with his children and document when Angelina prevents him from doing so,” Kelly continued. “He will keep fighting and eventually he will spend more and more time with the kids. He needs to be patient and persistent.”

Unfortunately, Brad’s fight may last a while if Angelina doesn’t let up anytime soon. “Custody battles can last over 18 years,” Kelly explained. “Even when the children become adults! If the parents never learn what is in the best interests of the kids, it can continue forever.” Eek. Let’s hope Angelina and Brad can come up with an agreement sooner rather than later for the sake of their kids.


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