50 Productive Things To Do When You’re Bored


1. Make a list of people you wish you were better at keeping in touch with.

2. Back up your phone and computer so you can stop clicking «Remind me tomorrow» when they remind you that it’s been 152 days since you last did it.

3. Watch an inspiring TED Talk. Like this one. Or this one. Or this one.

4. Make a wishlist on Amazon.

5. Send off surprise postcards to long distance friends and family.

6. Finally set up a password manager.

7. Update your bucket list.

8. Catalog your wardrobe in a spreadsheet so you don’t forget about the clothes hiding in your dresser or at the back of your closet next time you think you have nothing to wear.

9. And then take inventory of other things while you’re at it — like your pantry, cleaning supplies, linen closet, etc.

10. Create a to-read list on Goodreads.

11. Take a quiz to find out your Myers-Briggs type.

12. Or look up your full natal chart to understand your astrological personality beyond just your sun sign.

13. Or discover your love language so you can better understand how you relate to others in your relationships.

14. Make a list of all your friends’ birthdays so you can stop relying on Facebook.

15. Improve your handwriting with these tips.

16. Clean out your junk drawer.

17. Delete contacts from your phone that you will definitely never use again.

18. Draft a five-year plan.

19. Revamp your dating profile with new pictures or a new bio.

20. Make a list of everything you want to do in your city but haven’t gotten around to.

21. Update your apps and delete the ones you never use.

22. Toss out all your expired products — from beauty supplies to cleaning products to condiments.

23. Review all of your paid subscriptions using Trim or Truebill, and then cancel the ones you don’t use but are still paying for.

24. Unfollow the people you hate-follow and mute the people who make you feel a little shitty.

25. Read everything in your Pocket.

26. Make some DIY gifts for your friends for no good reason.

27. Go through the photos on your phone to delete selfie outtakes and other pictures you don’t need anymore.

28. Then pick some you love and order prints of them.

29. Leave positive reviews for the purchases or places you love.

30. Clean your keyboard and computer screen.

31. Scan or file the random stacks of paper you’ve been hoarding.

32. Paint all your cheap jewelry with clear nail polish so it lasts longer.

33. Plan your dream vacation.

34. Change your phone and computer background.

35. Rearrange your furniture.

36. Try an ambitious YouTube hair or makeup tutorial.

37. Journal.

38. Make a bunch of highly specific thematic playlists for every occasion.

39. Take an online course in something you’ve always been curious about.

40. Update your resume even if you’re not searching for a job.

41. Go through that bin/box/drawer where you keep old chargers and cords, figure out WTF everything is for, then toss what you don’t need.

42. Make a list of movies you want to see.

43. Use Unroll.Me to unsubscribe from useless newsletters and clean up your inbox.

44. And then set up some filters/labels to help you manage email better going forward.

45. Do some research about upcoming sales and make a game plan for what you want to buy.

46. Finish a whole crossword puzzle.

47. Make a pros and cons list for a decision you’re stuck on.

48. Go through your last bank statement to find out where your money is *really* going.

49. Book some medical appointments you’ve been putting off.

50. Write a letter to your future self.

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