Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa’s new song ‘Prisoner’ is a disco-punk anthem


It has been a rocky 2020 in more ways than one: this year has seen everyone from Rina Sawayama and Machine Gun Kelly pull influence from the genres of rock and metal (sending many a neckbeard into a frenzy of Caps Lock comments in the process). Miley Cyrus’ forthcoming seventh album ‘Plastic Hearts’ looks to do the same. Lead single ‘Midnight Sky’, released over summer, is a Fleetwood Mac-sampling stadium anthem, while the Dua Lipa featuring ‘Prisoner’ is more rough and ready.

It’s not a passing phase. Miley has a history of covering everyone from Metallica and Blondie to Nine Inch Nails. Even when she was coming in like a wrecking ball, she was performing with punk icon Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace in her backyard to raise money for her Happy Hippie Foundation. She’s always been at her best blending bubblegum pop with something a little grittier and ‘Prisoner’ captures that raucous energy perfectly.

Dua Lipa might be the odd one out on a tracklist that also includes guest spots from old skool rockstars Joan Jett and Billy Idol, but she’s the perfect partner in crime for Miley, as they take the basement snarl of punk and give it some ’80s disco  swagger. Pop music with bite, or grunge with a little razzle-dazzle? Either way, it’s the best of both their worlds.

‘Prisoner’ also sees the stars draw influence from Olivia Newton-John’s raunchy ’80s classic ‘Physical’ – but in true 2020 spirit, this track is about feeling trapped in your own emotions rather than lusty contact (hardly COVID-friendly). Packed with attitude and big on Thelma and Louise energy, the track gives Dua’s excitably shiny ‘Future Nostalgia’ space to shine without forcing Miley out of the spotlight. They elevate each other rather than competing. If only every collaboration had this balance.

And don’t be fooled by the isolation-inspired angst (“Strung out on a feeling, my hands are tied / Your face on my ceiling, I fantasise”) because Dua and Miley aren’t standing for anyone’s nonsense. With the bloodstained video – which sees the duo cruising through the US in a kind of goth bus – coming with the dedication “in loving memory all my exes – eat shit”, this heartache anthem is a glam declaration of independence that goes off like a cherry bomb.

This year, both artists have come into their own and taken on the world. True to the song’s title, Miley and Dua really don’t take any prisoners here.

Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber Face the ‘Monster’ Inside In Powerful New Single: Watch


Shawn Mendes called on his musical idol Justin Bieber to collaborate on a poignant new song, «Monster,» which details the pitfalls of superstardom.

«I think I was coming off the back of a couple of big songs and definitely just so driven by my ego and just feeling like something in this feels not right,» Mendes recently told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe of the collaboration. «And it’s always resonated with me. This song has always resonated with me and it just never found its way out. And now all of a sudden I was listening to it one day, and I just started my relationship with Justin. It just started forming properly in the last three months. And I called him and I was like, ‘Look, I have this song. It’s kind of going there.’ We go there.»

«It’s about how society can put celebrities up on a pedestal and watch them fall and it seems to be this entertainment thing. And it’s hard,» he continued. «And his heart fell deep into it. And him and I, even yesterday, were on the phone for an hour and had the deepest conversation, I think, about so much. And it just felt really nice because it was a full circle moment for me, this guy who was the reason I started singing. I was nine when «One Time» came out, and I completely was all in.He was Elvis to me. And to come back around and to have this very human to human conversation with him and his truth to come into that song and my truth to be there, it feels like one of the most special songs I’ve ever wrote. And the more I listened to it and the deeper I get into it, this is not just about celebrities. This is the human experience.»

«Monster» follows Mendes’ previously-released track «Wonder,» and both will appear on his upcoming album Wonder, out December 4 via Island Records.

Watch the new video below.

Source: Billboard

Lady Gaga podría protagonizar su próxima película junto a Brad Pitt


Nuevos reportes vinculan profesionalmente a Mother Monster con este eterno galán de la gran pantalla.

Desde Bradley Cooper hasta Brad Pitt, la cantante convertida en actriz Lady Gaga realmente sabe cómo elegir a un protagonista.

E! News supo que la artista de Chromatica está en conversaciones para unirse a Pitt en el próximo thriller de acción Bullet Train. Aún no se ha llegado a un acuerdo y las negociaciones se encuentran en las primeras etapas.

Basada en el libro Maria Beetle de Kotaro Isaka, la película trata sobre cinco asesinos que se encuentran en un tren en circunstancias misteriosas. Hasta el momento, se desconoce el papel de Gaga, pero ciertamente parece que la película abrirá un nuevo género de actuación para la triple amenaza, que ya obtuvo un Globo de Oro por la espeluznante serie American Horror Story: Hotel y una nominación al Oscar en la categoría de drama por A Star Is Born.

Recientemente, Gaga se ha centrado principalmente en la música. Ella lanzó su álbum Chromatica en mayo, que cuenta con sencillos como Stupid Love y Rain On Me, que presenta a Ariana Grande. Aunque el cantante de Born This Way planeaba embarcarse en una gira de conciertos este verano, se retrasó debido a la pandemia de coronavirus.

Y si bien Gaga inicialmente se ganó los corazones de los fanáticos a través del canto, la estrella dijo que actuar fue su primer amor.

«No pude lograrlo como actriz, era mala audicionando», le dijo la cantante a Giuliana Rancic de E! News en el estreno de A Star Is Born en 2018. «Nunca conseguí un trabajo».

Gaga también compartió que fue Cooper, quien también dirigió A Star Is Born y es, casualmente, un buen amigo de Pitt, quien sacó a la actriz en ella.

«La parte más desafiante de este proceso para mí fue ser tan vulnerable como lo necesitaba el personaje… pero él me hizo sentir muy cómoda», dijo. «Él me desafió de una manera en la que nunca antes había sido desafiada y estoy muy agradecida con él por eso».