Jason Mraz Turns a Buddhist Monk’s Blessing Into a Feel-Good Tune With ‘Have It All


Jason Mraz has always been one to bring the good vibes, but even he’ll admit that the current events of recent years have had him feeling down.

“The world had changed a lot since 2012,” Mraz says in a statement. “More people are marching for their freedoms and equality; to be seen and heard. Activism is back in style. I wrote a lot of frustrated, angry, even sad songs between then and now, but nothing I wanted to come forward with; nothing I wanted to sing.»

Instead of moving forward with the not-so-happy tunes he had penned, the 40-year-old singer reflected on a trip to Myanmar in 2012, where he had a moving visit with a Buddhist monk. Mraz received a blessing from the monk that resulted in a song called «Have It All,» which he was inspired to bring to light amid the world’s tough times.

The lighthearted, guitar-tinged track features verses like «May you know the meaning of the word happiness/ May you always lead from the beating in your chest,» putting a pop beat to Mraz’s translation of the blessing he received six years ago — sentiments that resonate almost more so today than back then.

«‘Have It All’ stood out as a song with a hopeful message to help me heal and move forward; a song with a message of generosity — the antithesis of despondency,» Mraz continues. «It’s a blessing disguised as a rap song, and it’s meant to be paid forward and shared.”

Mraz wrote «Have It All» with David Hodges (Christina Perri, Kelly Clarkson) and JKash (Maroon 5, Charlie Puth, Meghan Trainor) in collaboration with his friends in Raining Jane (Mona Tavakoli, Chaska Potter, Mai Bloomfield, and Becky Gebhardt). He also released an equally feel-good video for the song (directed by Darren Doane) that sees Mraz bringing the spirit of «Have It All» to his hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

Feel the happiness with the «Have It All» video below.

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Avengers: Infinity War’ Review: The Beginning of the End


Ten years deep into Marvel Studio’s forever-expanding cinematic universe, you’re either a fan or you’re not, with little room in-between for casual indifference. Of course, some of Marvel’s offerings are better than others (Thor: Ragnarok versus Thor: The Dark World), but for all intents and purposes, by now, you either drank the Kool-Aid or you haven’t. I am a Marvel fan.

I say this because, when it comes to Avengers: Infinity War, the 19th film in the universe, what is intended to delight me, to awe me, to reward my faithful dedication to the franchise, mostly did. But also, I say it because I have a blind spot in gauging how Infinity War will play to anyone who doesn’t know the canon. Do you remember Thanos? Can you explain the Infinity Stones? Have you stuck around through the credits?

It all comes to a head in Infinity War, which sees the Mad Titan, Thanos (played by Josh Brolin, grand and gravely via purple CGI), on a mission to eradicate half of all life in order to keep the universe in balance and prevent overpopulation. A merciful genocide, he proclaims. And so he must collect the six Infinity Stones scattered throughout the cosmos (and the previous movies), which will grant him deadly omnipotence with the snap of his fuschia fingers. A threat that potentially catastrophic calls for more than just Earth’s mightiest heroes, as the Avengers team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy and other non-amalgamated heroes in a mad dash to stop Thanos.

The movie’s real currency is the deep bench of colorful superheroes — and the marquee actors who play them — and finally getting the chance to see them rub elbows onscreen. Infinity War basks in that, making room for each new pairing to just spend time together, cracking wise and quibbling and falling in love. There are no weak links among the cast, though some get more to do than others. Tom Holland remains a delight as Spidey, a constant scene-stealer even among this many heavy hitters. Chris Hemsworth’s retooled Thor and Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill earn the biggest laughs, though Chris Evans, as Steve Rogers, delivers the best line reading of the movie. (It involves Groot.) Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) provide an aching gravitas, as well as some requisite badassery: There is a team-up of Scarlet Witch, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Okoye (Danai Gurira) that merits green lighting that all-female spinoff. In my showing, the audience not only broke into applause when certain characters appeared, but the faint sound of Wakandan drum beats alone elicited hoots and hollers.

That large an ensemble necessitates a big movie, and Infinity War is big on an almost inconceivable level. It’s big and then some. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo (Captain America: The Winter Soldierand Civil War) are shrewd in not diluting the flavors of these franchises into one uniform tone, but bounce between storylines with an only occasionally jarring pace, which provides some fun juxtaposition in the end. That many disparate moving parts is a lot to juggle, though, as the movie zigs and zags around the globe and into deep space, and with a running time of two hours and 40 minutes, there are long stretches where characters fall out of focus in lieu of others.

And still, it’s easy to overlook the flaws. Sure, there are some heavy exposition dumps to bring all the characters — and, one assumes, some of the viewers — up to speed, though it is done as cheekily as possible. («The Avengers broke up.» «Like a band? Like The Beatles?») Sure, this is overstuffed, perhaps to the point of bloat. I would argue knowingly so. This is a spectacle film, heavy on the spectacle. Infinity War begins, within the first minutes, with a huge, huge action set piece and relentlessly speeds forward to a final stretch that is guaranteed to blow minds, a darker and weightier and more finite conclusion that leaves us in a place no Marvel film has in recent years — with genuinely no idea as to what comes next.

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Puppet Ed Sheeran Watches His Balloon Lover Float Away in ‘Happier’ Video


Puppet Ed Sheeran is back! But unlike the last time we saw this version of the ginger-haired crooner in 2014’s party-filled and troublemaking video for «Sing,» this time, he’s experiencing some serious heartbreak.

As Sheeran sings in the opening of «Happier,» his puppet walks down 29th and Park Avenue only to spot his ex — a balloon girl, naturally — enjoying a laugh-filled meal with another puppet. After flashing back to when that was him and her, Sheeran makes his way to a bar to drink away his pain with some whiskey, later playing the song on a sidewalk with a sign that reads «Heartbroken and unhappier.»

Haunted by his ex’s memory as everything around him turns into balloons, Sheeran once again returns to the fateful corner of 29th and Park only to see her again. But now she’s the one experiencing the heartbreak as her new puppet beau lets her go, and Sheeran has to watch his love float away — literally.

Sheeran’s previous video for the ÷ track «Perfect» recently hit 1 billion views on YouTube, which he celebrated on Instagram just before dropping the «Happier» video. It’s unclear when we’ll see puppet Sheeran next, but hopefully his story is a little «happier» next time.

Watch the «Happier» video below.

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Camila Cabello Teams Up With Kane Brown For “Never Be The Same” Remix


Camila Cabello has teamed up with country star Kane Brown for a remix of “Never Be The Same,” according to Variety. The “Havana” hitmaker hinted at the collaboration yesterday (April 24). “I. HAVE. A SURPRISE. FOR YOU. THIS WEEK,” she tweeted. Kane showed his hand by replying with flame emojis. Of course, country-pop hybrids are all the rage at the moment. Florida Georgia Line and Bebe Rexha have the number one song at radio with “Meant To Be,” while Zedd and Maren Morris are close behind with “The Middle.”

The remix should be enough to propel “Never Be The Same” into the top 10. If so, it would become Camila’s third and Kane’s first. It would also expose the country crooner to a whole new audience. He is one of the genre’s hottest new stars thanks to his self-titled debut LP and a pair of crossover hits — “What Ifs,” a duet with Lauren Alaina, and “Heaven.” The latter is currently top 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 and closing in on the top spot on the country charts. Stay tuned for an official announcement shortly.

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Shawn Mendes Reveals The Cover & Tracklist Of ‘Shawn Mendes: The Album’


Shawn Mendes surprised fans by revealing the cover and tracklist of his self-titled, third LP in the middle of the night. As for the artwork, it veers on the surreal side with the pop star’s face being split in half by a bunch of flowers. The tracklist is just as interesting. Of course, lead single “In My Blood” is included as well as buzz track, “Lost In Japan.” However, there are a couple of surprise features (Julia Michaels hops on “Like To Be You,” while Khalid lends a verse to “Youth”).

Other song titles include the mysterious “Where Were You In The Morning?” and “Particular Taste.” The album, which arrives on May 25, has a lot to live up to given the success of Handwritten and Illuminate. Both LPs reached number one on the Billboard 200 and produced at least one top 10 hit. “In My Blood” has peaked at number 22 on the Billboard Hot 100 thus far and should climb a lot higher with the arrival of the video. Check out the cover and tracklist below.

Shawn Mendes: The Album tracklist:

1. In My Blood

2. Nervous

3. Lost In Japan

4. Where Were You In The Morning?

5. Like To Be You (featuring Julia Michaels)

6. Fallin’ All In You

7. Particular Taste

8. Why

9. Because I Had You

10. Queen

11. Youth (featuring Khalid)

12. Mutual

13. Perfectly Wrong

14. When You’re Ready

‪#ShawnMendesTheAlbum out May 25th! Preorder now x link in bio

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Jennifer Lopez Unveils Her Stunning “El Anillo” Single Cover


Jennifer Lopez is a diamond-encrusted pop goddess on the cover of her new single, “El Anillo.” The 48-year-old rolled out the image last night (April 25), and it is truly a sight to behold. On it, she wears a breathtaking jeweled headdress while delivering a smoldering look to the camera. We do not know much about the release yet; however, the title translates to “The Ring” in English. A brief snippet of the track seems to be circulating online, and it sounds like a frenetic banger. With any luck, it will take over the charts.

Although she did not confirm a release date, it is possible that J.Lo will live-premiere the single during her appearance at the Billboard Latin Music Awards tonight (April 26). Last week Billboard confirmed she would introduce a new song when she takes the stage at the ceremony. It seems likely we will either receive “El Anillo” or her Cardi B and DJ Khaled-assisted “Dinero.” The “The One” DJ uploaded some photos from the set of a music video over the weekend, implying both tracks are poised to arrive.

“El Anillo” appears to be another track off her forthcoming LP, Por Prima Vez. The hitmaker has been gradually offering up tastes of the Spanish-Language album for months now. We heard the ruthlessly catchy “Amor Amor Amor” and “Ni Tú Ni Yo” off the tracklist last year. This year she joined forces with Yandel and Abraham Mateoon the equally massive “Se Acabó El Amor.” Hopefully her newest singles are just as promising. Check out the full cover below!

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Christina Aguilera sacude la cultura pop revelando que Ryan Gosling estaba enamorado de Britney Spears


¡Esto cambia la historia!

Una de las grandes incertidumbres de la cultura pop: ¿Qué habría pasado si Britney Spears y Justin Timberlake habrían terminado juntos?. Bueno, ¿y qué habría pasado si la princesa del pop fuese actualmente la Sra. Gosling que acompaña a su esposo a todas las premiaciones?

Eso pudo haber sucedido, y no lo sabemos sino hasta el terremoto que acaba de propiciar Christina Aguilera luego de confesar que efectivamente el guapo actor estuvo enamorado de la cantante de Oops I Did It Again.

Durante el paseo que dio recientemente Christina a bordo del Carpool Karaoke, cantó algunos de sus legendarios hits, pero también habló de importantes temas con James Corden, como sus inicios en el legendario Mickey Mouse Club junto a sus famosos compañeros…

«Dime la verdad, ¿incluso a esa edad ya te podías perder en la mirada de Ryan?», preguntó el presentador. «Bueno, sentía cosas por él», admitió Aguilera, y reflexionó «aunque nunca me monté en ese tren».

Desde luego, James continuó indagando: «¿Por qué?, ¿eras acaso más del tren Justin Timberlake?»,  fue entonces cuando Xtina nos dio una buena cucharada de cultura pop «Justin tenía estilo por aquel entonces, lo tenía», continuó, «conozco más a Ryan Gosling y creo que él estaba enamorado de Britney. Pero ella eligió a Timberlake, ya sabes, eran la gran pareja del momento».

En ese momento, James Corden dijo lo que todos pensamos…

«Seguro que ahora Britney se arrepiente de esa elección. Sobre todo porque la que tuvo con Justin funcionó fantásticamente», dijo con ironía

Christina decidió intervenir «Ponme más canciones, ¿no?»

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Dua Lipa Teases Her & Calvin Harris’ “One Kiss” Video


Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris have a huge hit on their hands with One Kiss.” The electro-house anthem, which is the first taste of the DJ’s new project, has already topped the charts in the UK and gone top 10 in markets as diverse as Australia, Germany and Sweden. The banger is steadily climbing the Billboard Hot 100 (it has peaked at number 62 thus far) and is destined to soar a lot higher as radio airplay picks up and views from the sizzling video factor into the charting equation.

The Brit shared a still from the video today (April 24) and it finds her wearing a crystal-studded ensemble. Dua reclines on a surface covered with ice cube-shaped glass (I guess they will look like diamonds in the video) and is generally a vision of loveliness. She is on fire at the moment. After conquering the charts worldwide with girl-power anthem “New Rules,” the 22-year-old backed it up with another smash hit in the form of “IDGAF.” See the first preview of her next viral video below.

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Katy Perry Defends Justin Bieber After Lionel Richie Disses His Daughter Sofia’s Ex


Lionel Richie is not a big fan of Justin Bieber’s talent, but Katy Perry has come to the singer’s rescue after her fellow ‘American Idol’ judge gave his daughter’s ex a nasty diss.

Maybe there’s still some hard feelings left over for dad Lionel Richie, 68, after his 19-year-old daughter Sofia‘s failed romance with Justin Bieber, 24. That might explain why the music legend and American Idol judge went in hard on Justin’s talent. In an interview with Us Weekly after the  AI Top 10 Reveal Live Show on April 23, Lionel dissed the Biebs’ vocal range. While discussing the contestants’ skills, he said “You know, you look at it and you think, ‘OK, if you can hit every note perfectly, why isn’t everybody a superstar?’ The answer is because it’s called a unique quality. If you look at Willie Nelson for a second, can he hit a gospel note? Um, no! And [Justin] Bieber, he doesn’t hit a high note.” Ouch!

Whoa! That shade kind of came out of nowhere and fellow judge Katy Perry, 33, jumped to the singer’s defense. “He hits a high note,” she fired back while Lionel stood his ground, noting, “I’m just saying.” Brutal! Fellow judge Luke Bryan, 41, then ribbed Katy about being a a Belieber, telling her “You defend Bieber, you love some Bieber!” The “Roar” singer refused to back down, responding,“I mean, he’s extremely talented.”

Maybe Lionel isn’t too fond of Justin after he started dating daughter Sofia for two months back in 2016. She was a barely legal 18-year-old and the singer was still in his wild child days before he cleaned up and devoted his life to his faith. The pair ran off on romantic trips to Mexico and Japan before things cooled off. Now she’s dating 34-year-old father of three and party fiend Scott Disick, 34, so in comparison Justin seems like a much better option. Lionel has never really spoken about his feelings for the “Friends” singer, telling TMZ in Sept. of 2016 “I’m not going there. I have strict orders not to go there,” about Sofia’s guy at the time. Now that he’s dissing on Justin’s musical abilities, maybe we’re finally getting Lionel’s real opinion of him.

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Lady Gaga Reunites With ‘Joanne’ Producer BloodPop


Lady Gaga has been chipping away at the follow-up to 2016’s Joanne since at least August. So far, we know Mother Monster has hit the studio with longtime collaborator DJ White Shadow (“Born This Way,” “Applause” and “The Cure”) and recent started working with German producer Boys Noize. They recent had a revealing exchange, which promised that “beautiful weirdness” was on the way. You can now add BloodPop to the list of likely LG6 collaborators after he posted a video of the pop star on Twitter.

The clip finds Gaga in the studio, surrounded by computers and monitors. She’s asked to “stir the pot” and they delivers the appropriate dance moves. Of course, BloodPop co-produced every song on Joanne. He’s best known for his electronic sounds, however, so hopefully you won’t have to dig out that pink cowboy hat for her next concert. In fact, given the lineup of producers, it’s a fair bet that the 32-year-old is cooking up her first fully-fledged dance-pop album since ARTPOP. Watch the studio video below.

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