Ferras Returns With Defiant Ballad “Coming Back Around”


Even with someone as powerful as Katy Perry in your corner, things don’t always go to plan. After dropping a self-titled EP in 2014 (the first release on the pop star’s label), Ferras took some time out to overhaul his sound. He returned in 2016 with a pair of upbeat bops — “Closer” and “Medicine” — but was then MIA for most of 2017. The ups and downs of the music industry clearly inspired his new track “Coming Back Around,” which is a return to the singer/songwriter-pop of Aliens & Rainbows.

“I’ve been up and I’ve been down, high on luck but then luck ran out,” Ferras sings defiantly on the chorus. “Still don’t know when or how but I’m coming back around.” Co-written with Sarah HudsonBabydaddyAllie X and Greg Wells, this is easily the crooner’s best song since “Legends Never Die.” “Here it is. Finally. Hunni, just when you thought I was dead, I’m #ComingBackAround,” he wrote on Instagram. “Thank you to my amazingly talented friends… for helping bring this vision to life. Never, ever give up!!!!!! Thank you mom Katy Perry for believing in me, always.”

Listen to “Coming Back Around” below. The video is coming later today.

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Beyonce, Lana Del Rey Contribute Songs To Andrew Lloyd Webber LP


In the strangest news of the week, Beyonce and Lana Del Rey have new songs on Andrew Lloyd Webber’snew album. Unmasked: The Platinum Collection is being released on March 16 to celebrate the king of musicals’ 70th birthday. It features songs from all of his best-known productions including Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatCats and The Phantom Of The Opera as well as a handful of new material and previously unreleased collectibles.

Beyonce’s “Learn To Be Lonely” falls into the latter category. Queen Bey performed the power ballad at the 2005 Academy Awards, but never got around to releasing it. In fact, Unmasked will be your first chance to own it. Just as exciting is Lana Del Rey’s version of “You Must Love Me,” which Madonna performed in Evita. “Andrew Lloyd Webber has been one of my primary inspirations in music, so to do a cover of one of his songs is a dream,” Lana says of the surprise addition to her discography. Pre-order your copy here and check out the songs below.

Beyonce & ALW’s “Learn To Be Lonely”:

Madonna’s version of “You Must Love Me”:

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Pink, Katy Perry, Charli XCX & More Respond to Neil Portnow’s “Step Up” Comment


Just when you thought the Grammys couldn’t be any more out of touch, Recording Academy president Neil Portnow responded to male artists sweeping all major categories by suggesting, among other things, that women need to “step up.” I’m not joking. “It has to begin with… women who have the creativity in their hearts and souls, who want to be musicians, who want to be engineers, producers, and want to be part of the industry on the executive level… [They need] to step up because I think they would be welcome,” he told Variety.

The backlash was swift and brutal with Pink leading the way. “Women in music don’t need to ‘step up’ — women have been stepping since the beginning of time,” she wrote in a handwritten letter. “Stepping up, and also steppin aside. Women OWNED music this year. They’ve been KILLING IT. And every year before this. When we celebrate and honor the talent and [accomplishments] of women, and how much women STEP UP every year, against all odds, we show the next generation of women and girls and boys and men what it means to be equal, and what it looks like to be fair.”

“Another powerful woman, leading by example,” Katy Perry responded to Pink’s message. “We ALL have a responsibility to call out the absurd lack of equality everywhere we see it. I’m proud of ALL the women making incredible art in the face of continual resistance.” Charli XCX was less diplomatic. “Ugh bout 2 step up on 2 ur face.. women are making AMAZING music right now wtf is this dude talking about ?????” she tweeted. Iggy Azalea also chimed in, suggesting women boycott next year’s event. See all of their tweets below.

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Macklemore & Jess Glynne Fall In & Out of Love in Rudimental’s ‘These Days’ Video: Watch


Rudimental teamed up with Macklemore and Jess Glynne for their new “These Days” video, which follows a relationship and break up sure to tug at any heart strings—broken ones that is.

“I know it ain’t pretty when two hearts get broke,” R&B singer Dan Caplen muses as Macklemore and Glynne portray all the phases of love, including the falling, the falling apart and everything in between. The clip is also incredibly cinematic, portraying some beautiful scenery and local shops in London and Seattle.

Watch the video below.

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Sia Joins Forces With David Guetta & Afrojack For An Explosive “Helium” Remix


Sia joined forces with David Guetta and Afrojack for an explosive remix of “Helium” in honor of her new MAC Cosmetics X Viva Glam collaboration. Originally included on the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack, the song is an evocative ballad that showcases her soaring vocals. On it, the Aussie realizes she is stronger with a loved one by her side. It is a sentiment that relates back to her new line with the company, which is a labor of love.

The “Chandelier” siren partnered with her frequent collaborator Maddie Ziegler to design a red-hued lipstick. Sia announced the project last month, and it launched in stores and online today (January 25). All proceeds from sales directly benefit the M.A.C. Aids Fund, and the newly released remix will be used in marketing materials.

“I’m trying, but I keep falling down. I cry out, but nothing comes now. I’m giving my all, and I know peace will come,” she resolutely announces over the song’s original piano accompaniment on the opening lines. Things take a turn for the better as she reaches out to a loved one who provides the ultimate fix. “Your love lifts me up like helium. Your love lifts me up when I’m down,” she proclaims in a joyful moment of release. The production swirls underneath her as she moves into the chorus, eventually boiling over into an extended instrumental break complete with bellowing sirens and glistening synths.

It is unclear why she decided to revisit “Helium;” however, the remix vibrates with new life and could become a massive hit. This marks the second time the hitmaker has raised funds for HIV/AIDS in the last year. In June she partnered with the #endHIV campaign to release her inspiring ballad, “Free Me.” It is also worth noting that Sia has decided to remove her oversized wig and bare her face on the joyful cover. This is one of the first times she has publicly shown her face since returning to the scene in 2014. Considering the importance of the project, it is hard to imagine a worthier moment to break from tradition. Give the song a spin below!

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Lady Gaga Unveils A Piano Reworking Of Her New Single “Joanne”


Lady Gaga is closing out her Joanne era with one last single. Today (January 26) Mother Monster unveiled a reworked version of the album’s touching title track. Dedicated to her late aunt who inspired the LP, Joanne Stefani Germanotta, it has always been a poignant release. Now, it is even more striking with its newly stripped-back production. Replacing folksy strings with pensive keys, she transformed the single into a heart-stopping tribute and an opportunity to say farewell.

“Take my hand. Stay, Joanne,” Gaga implores on the opening lines. Her voice trembles with emotion as it floats over the somber instrumentation, and it eventually builds to a crescendo as she finds peace on the bridge. “Honestly, I know where you’re going. And baby, you’re just moving on. And I’ll still love you even if I can’t see you anymore. Can’t wait to see you soar.” Signing off with hugs and kisses, the release seems to offer closure to both the era and her mourning.

The accompanying video is suitably ethereal. In it Gaga retreats from her life of superstardom for a short reprieve. Alternating between shots in full color and black and white, she wanders along a wooded road with a guitar in hand and makes joyful memories alongside loved ones. Of course, her signature hat makes an appearance, but she makes a more fitting reference to her aunt’s continued presence. Throughout the visual she glimpses up into the heavens with a knowing smile that relates back to the special bond between the two thanks to their shared history.

Given the timing of the release, it is safe to assume Gaga will perform her new single at the Grammys on Sunday (January 28). She is in the running for two awards during the show: Joanne was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album while “Million Reasons” is up for the title of Best Pop Solo Performance. It seems fitting that “Joanne” will bring the era to an end with a heartwarming moment onstage. Watch the whimsical video up top!


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Julia Michaels’ “Heaven” Is A Seductive Ode To Bad Boys


Julia Michaels rolled out her new single, “Heaven,” and it is a sparse and sexy ode to bad boys. The track is her first of two contributions to the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack, with her second set to drop sometime in the next few weeks. With writing credits from MNEK and Tayla Parx, it offers the budding superstar an opportunity to explore a moodier aesthetic. It feels like a bit of a risk considering her tendency toward contemplative bops like “Issues,” but it more than pays off. Released today (January 26), her latest anthem is as dangerously addictive as the lover she sings about.

Over a haunting production, Julia opens up about the boy who changed her perspective on love. “Falling for him was like falling from grace,” she breathily coos as the beat tinkles behind her. Unfortunately, bad boys are plagued by commitment issues, and hers was no different. “You don’t realize the power they have until they leave you and you want them back. Nothing in the world prepares you for that,” she warns. As dire as it sounds, the 24-year-old believes it is worth the risk. After all, “they say ‘all good boys go to heaven’ but bad boys bring heaven to you.”

“Heaven” is a bit of a sonic switch-up from what we have already heard from the forthcoming soundtrack. Rita Ora and Liam Payne’s “For You” is a soaring lover’s anthem, while Hailee Steinfeld and BloodPop hit the dance floor on “Capital Letters.” Julia’s latest is a little more in line with the brooding material from the franchise’s earlier albums, but it is no less of a hit. Give the track a spin below!

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Kygo & OneRepublic’s “Stranger Things” Video Is A Total Downer


Kygo (real name Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll) has a knack for making wildly depressing music videos. “It Ain’t Me”documented a near-death experience, while “Stargazing”went a step further and ended in a funeral. The latter was particularly effective, capturing the bittersweet dreaminess of the song. The visual for “Stranger Things” is similarly on the money. A collaboration with OneRepublic, the track stands out as one of the most anthemic on the Norwegian’s recently-released Kids In Love LP.

It’s about wanting more than you have and the video (above) captures that longing for a better life by shining a light on a couple of down-on-their-luck lovers. Tired of their menial jobs, this non-violent Bonnie & Clyde decide to get a taste of the high life by breaking into mansions. Unfortunately, things don’t go to plan and there’s a very unhappy ending. Kygo is about to embark on the Kids In Love Tour, which kicks off in Helsinki, Finland on February 5 and then crisscrosses Europe, before hitting North America in May.

Meet me at the sunrise 🎶🌅

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Iggy Azalea Reveals The Cover Of Quavo-Assisted Track “Savior


Let the comeback begin! Iggy Azalea revealed the cover and release date (February 2) of new single “Savior” last night. It finds the Australian rapper posing on top of an old television with a neon-green halo in the background. She wears a flowing gown with latex gloves and long hair extensions — quite a change from the pastel-colored tomboy ensembles from The New Classic era. It’s nice to see that the Quavo-assisted track is getting a proper rollout. In addition to fancy artwork, “Savior” will debut during a Super Bowl commercial for Monster Products.

“[The song] was created at a time when I felt so stagnant & alone, but I just couldn’t pick up the phone and admit to even my closest friends how hopeless I felt,” Iggy tweeted recently. “So I hope I can connect with anyone else that’s been/going thru it via this song.” She then urged fans to connect with each other via her Twitter account. With any luck, “Savior” will return Iggy to pop and rhythmic radio after “Team” and “Switch” were effectively shut out. If not, Surviving The Summer could disappear into the same void as Digital Distortion. See the cover below.


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Justin Timberlake Teases New Song ‘Say Something’ With Chris Stapleton


Earlier in the year, it was announced that Justin Timberlake was going to be working with country titan Chris Stapleton on Timberlake’s next album. This morning (Jan. 24), Justin Timberlake confirmed the news, announcing his next song — titled «Say Something» — in a tweet, attached with a five second video of JT with Stapleton.

The tweet was simply captioned, «@ChrisStapleton and me. #SaySomething. Tomorrow!»

This will be the first time Stapleton and Timberlake have worked together on wax, but not their first collaboration, the two Tennesseeans came together for an acclaimed performance of George Jones’ «Tennessee Whiskey» and Timberlake’s «Drink You Away» at the 2015 CMA Awards.

JT’s Man of the Woods is set for release on Feb. 2, which will be followed by Timberlake’s Super Bowl Halftime show headlining performance two days later on Feb. 4.

Check out the tweet below.

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