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Shakira Rocks Fiery New Look: ‘Redheads Have More Fun’


Shakira has a fiery new look!

The 40-year-old singer ditched her blonde locks for red hair, sharing her new look on social media on Saturday.

«Redheads have more fun. On the set of Perro Fiel with @nickyjampr,» Shakira wrote alongside an Instagram pic of her and singer Nicky Jam.

Shakira and Nicky Jam are filming the music video for their collaboration «Perro Fiel,» which is featured on her new album, El Dorado. The Colombian singer also shared a second pic, showing off her new hair hue.

This isn’t the first time that Shakira has had red tresses. In 1999, the natural-born brunette sported red locks before making her cross-over to English-language music and becoming a blonde.

Earlier this month, Shakira and Chris Martin performed together at the Global Citizen Festival in Hamburg, Germany. The Coldplay frontman impressed the crowd with his Spanish skills, singing along to Shakira’s songs, «Me Enamoré» and «Chantaje.»

Aside from filming her new music video, Shakira is gearing up to go on her El Dorado World Tour, her first tour in nearly six years. Her concerts kick off Nov. 8 in Cologne, Germany, and wrap Feb. 10, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Perrie Edwards Slams Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik With Scathing Lyrics In Concert


Buuuurn! Perrie Edwards served the nastiest diss to Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik in concert, cheekily switching the lyrics to her hit song, ‘Shout Out To My Ex.’ The best part? It’s all caught on camera.

Perrie Edwards 1. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik 0. The Little Mix singer might look innocent, but the sharp claws came out during her weekend concert with the girl group. In the middle of her performance, Perrie switched the lyrics to “Shout Out To My Ex” to take a dig at the “Pillowtalk” crooner and his model girlfriend. Instead of the usual verse “hope she ain’t faking it like I did,” the blonde beauty sang, “hope she ain’t faking like Hadid.” OH NO SHE DIDN’T! Perrie’s new lyrics got such a strong reaction from her bandmates that they all started cracking up on stage. Even one of their backup dancers heard it and giggled! Definitely not subtle. Watch it all unravel below.

As you may already know, this isn’t the first time that the “Power” songstressdissed Zayn so publicly. Back in January, when Little Mix released their music video for “Touch,” fans payed special attention to the lyrics and noticed something quite interesting. “I feel like for the first time I am not faking,” she sings while grinding up on hot dudes (again with the faking!) Could that be her way of saying that the former One Direction hunk wasn’t good in bed?

Then, in the song “F.U,” Perrie seemingly suggests that Zayn kissed another woman at some point in their relationship. Yikes! Generally speaking, Perrie and Zayn have tried to avoid face-to-face communication as much as possible. They thankfully dodged each other at the 2017 BRIT Awards, and when his self-titled tell-all book came out, she ignored it and never bothered to even open it. It was probably for the best.

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Game of Thrones: Dany and Jon Finally Meet But All Is Not Well in Westeros


What a bunch of conflicted feelings we’re feeling right now.

Everything just went wrong tonight, in so many ways. Or it went right, if you’re rooting for the Lannisters and Rockstar Euron Greyjoy, which we have to admit we’re not.

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally met, but it was at first not the cheerful converging of plot lines we’ve been dreaming of. Dany sat up there on her high horse of a throne, making Missandei recite an entire monologue of titles while all Davos could do was mumble, «This is Jon Snow…he’s king in the north.»

Dany went on and on about how she’s the rightful Queen and if Jon won’t kneel before her, what is he even doing here? Jon, meanwhile, had no reason to call Dany the queen, but did need her help in defeating the Night King. Dany was all «LOL zombies, I’ve got dragons, bitch.» (Basically.) It just didn’t go well in general.

Up next, we found out what became of the Greyjoys and Dornish. Theon was rescued, but Yara, Ellaria, and one of the sand snakes were captured by Euron and brought to Cersei as her gift, since Ellaria was the one who murdered Myrcella. Cersei took true joy in this gift, agreeing to marry Euron…eventually…and immediately putting Ellaria and her daughter in the dungeon, feeding poison to the daughter, and forcing Ellaria to sit and watch her die.

Then, she and Jaime went and had some gross sibling sex, and Cersei decided she no longer cared who saw them together, since she’s the queen, after all.

Back at Dragonstone, Tyrion played mediator between both Jon and Dany, and eventually got Dany on Jon’s side. She still plans to be queen of even the North, but she’ll allow Jon to mine the dragon glass and will provide him with any other resources he needs.

So that’s nice, at least.

At Winterfell, Sansa was being a serious boss, dealing with food shortages and unexpected visitors named Bran Stark!! She tried to tell him he was now Lord of Winterfell, but he explained that he couldn’t, because now he’s the Three Eyed Raven. After being completely freaked out by Bran’s knowledge of her nightmare wedding night, Sansa left him alone by the heart tree.

At the Citadel, Sam’s cure for Greyscale apparently worked, and Jorah was free to go. Sam, however, had to be chastised but also praised for disobeying the maester. He expected a reward for saving Jorah’s life, but instead he got to copy a bunch of parchments. Basically Sam cannot catch a break, but at least he didn’t do anything gross in this episode, so maybe he’s moving up in the world.

Back at Dragonstone, Dany was determined to take her dragons to destroy Euron’s fleet, but Tyrion had better ideas. Apparently, he had designed the Casterly Rock sewer system to make it possible for his prostitute friends to come in and out undetected, meaning the Unsullied had a way in. They got in, but discovered the Lannister army wasn’t even there.

aime had actually pulled a season 2 Robb Stark and marched his troops to Highgarden to defeat House Tyrell, purposely allowing the Unsullied to take Casterly Rock, knowing they wouldn’t be able to hold it. He met with Lady Olenna, who continued to be the best character on this show, speaking truths like «Cersei is a disease» ‘til the very end. Jaime gave her poison, and she drank it willingly.

Then, she dropped the bomb that it was she who killed Joffrey, and she wanted both Jaime and Cersei to know that fact.

Let this be our official petition to erect a statue of Olenna Tyrell literally anywhere there is room for a statue, because this woman managed to win and die at the same time, despite the fact that you can only either win or die on this show. We declare her Queen in our Hearts, and we’ll chant it for you if you wish.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

 This article was originally published by: E! News

The Crazy Link Between JAY-Z’s ‘4:44’ Album Title and the Infamous Elevator Scuffle With Solange Knowles


JAY-Z fans are connecting the dots.

Following the release of the rapper’s latest album, 4:44, fans haven’t been able to stop raving over tracks like «Kill Jay Z» and «4:44,» which seemingly address wife Beyoncé’s Lemonade album, cheating allegations and that infamous elevator fight with Solange Knowles following the 2014 Met Ball. But now, the internet is going wild over a small detail a fan on Twitter pointed out.

«I’m at The Standard where Solange beat Jay-Z’s a** in the elevator,» user @StephenOssola tweeted. «THE ADDRESS IS 444. I AM SHOOK.»

«444 W 13th Street,» he added. «4:44 IS ALSO HIS 13th STUDIO ALBUM.»

Technically, the primary address of the building is 848 Washington St., New York, New York, but when ET called the hotel on Thursday, they confirmed 444 W 13th Street is the address for Le Bain, a discothèque and rooftop bar on the top floor of the hotel.

As fans may recall, iHeartRadio asked JAY-Z in June why he chose to name his new album 4:44.

«I woke up, literally, at 4:44 in the morning, 4:44 a.m., to write this song,» he said, referring to the title track. «So it became the title of the album and everything. It’s the title track because it’s such a powerful song, and I just believe one of the best songs I’ve ever written.»

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Chester Bennington’s Widow Talinda Shares First Statement: «He is Pain-Free Singing His Songs in All of Our Hearts»


Talinda Bennington, Chester Bennington’s widow, has issued her first statement following the death of the beloved Linkin Park singer. On Friday (July 28) — eight days after Bennington committed suicide on July 20 — shared a statement to Rolling Stone about her grief with the loss of the love of her life and children’s father and what she believes the rock icon would have wanted.

She wrote, «One week ago, I lost my soulmate and my children lost their hero — their Daddy. We had a fairytale life and now it has turned into some sick Shakespearean tragedy.”

Bennington explained that though her heartbreaks with the loss of her husband, she hopes to give all of her love to her children and the community of his fans. «How do I move on? How do I pick up my shattered soul? The only answer I know is to raise our babies with every ounce of love I have left. I want to let my community and the fans worldwide know that we feel your love. We feel your loss as well. My babies are so young to have lost their daddy. And I know that all of you will help keep his memory alive,” she said.

She also said that her late husband would have wanted others to know to turn to each other in times of pain, and his music is there for them, as well. “He was a bright, loving soul with an angel’s voice. And now he is pain-free singing his songs in all of our hearts. May God bless us all and help us turn to one another when we are in pain. Chester would’ve wanted us to do so. Rest In Peace, my love.»

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Gimme More: We Rank Britney Spears’ 10 Best Unreleased Tracks


Britney Spears has recorded some of pop music’s most enduring hits, but for every “Toxic” or “Oops!…I Did It Again,” there are just as many of her songs that don’t see an official release. Thanks to the internet, many of those unreleased tracks have managed to surface in various stages of completion, and, unsurprisingly, several of them could have been potential hits of their own.

From the brooding “Rebellion,” which retains a mystique amongst fans still hungry for the full release to the optimistic “Everyday,” there’s a treasure trove of music that leaked in between official singles. I’ve rounded up 10 of her best unreleased tracks (excluding snippets, sorry “Rebellion” fans) from over the years. Brace yourself for slayage and check them out below.

10. “Luv The Hurt Away”

“Baby One More Time” introduced the world to the pop princess in training. However, the bulk of her debut album was influenced by soulful R&B as much as it was driven by bubblegum pop. That’s evident on the Full Force-assisted ballad “Luv The Hurt Away” that just missed the LP’s tracklist. Singing to a lover who has numbed the pain of a broken heart, the then 17-year-old delivered serious vocals and tackled the song’s mature subject matter with ease.

9. “When U Gon’ Pull It”

Blackout arguably remains one of the most controversial but influential releases in recent pop history. In fact, it was such a strong project that many promising songs were left on the cutting room floor including this raunchy bop. “You’ve got my legs and my head in the same direction,” she frantically groans to a capable lover on the track. It may not have be as immediate a hit as “Get Naked (I’ve Got A Plan),” which ultimately became the album’s slutty anthem, but “When U Gon’ Pull It” probably deserved a spot on the tracklist nonetheless.

8. “Get It”

In 2004 Brit teamed up with production group DFA for an afternoon of experimentation. The result of their hours in the studio is an incomplete demo, but it provides a glimpse into the creative mind of one of pop’s most renowned acts. Over a glitchy production, she unleashes a series of impassioned ad-libbed runs and assertive belts. Her voice vibrates with confidence, and it’s clear that she’s feeling the track even in its unfinished state. If only the team could have had a bit more time to bring it all together, they would have had something truly magical to deliver.

7. “Look Who’s Talking Now”

After releasing “Cry Me A River” and talking about their sex life to every publication that would listen, Justin Timberlake controlled the narrative at the end of his relationship with Britney Spears. Although she would go on to release the apologetic ballad “Everytime,” she demands a moment to correct the story on the unreleased “Look Who’s Talking Now.” The track was later recorded by K-pop diva BoA for her debut English-language album, but it takes on a new meaning when heard through the pain of her broken heart. “Controversy is like a ticking time bomb,” she cryptically declares in the song. If only she’d known just how true that statement could be.

6. “Welcome To Me”

Choreographer Wade Robson was responsible for the seductive body rolls that made the “I’m A Slave 4 U” video what it was, but he and his dancing queen also hit the recording studio to pen some potential hits. One of their songs is the aural “Welcome To Me.” The track is one of the most sensual songs Britney Spears has ever recorded, as she welcomes a man into the depths of depravity. “Let’s get out of here because you know we’re gonna love tonight,” she coos on the chorus. Add in an extended break that features some atmospheric moans, and it’s very clear that the lovers are about to get down and dirty.

5. “Kiss You All Over”

It’s Miss Spears if you’re nasty. Another lost gem from the Blackout sessions, “Kiss You All Over” is almost a tribute to the stylings of Janet Jackson. Opening with a flirty declaration of intent, she uses her breathiest vocals to entice a lover with promises of a good time. There’s a lot to love on the track; from the thirsty lyrics to the racing production it’s a mystery why it wasn’t included on the release.

4. “Strangest Love”

Things get downright mystical over lush production on In The Zone hopeful, “Strangest Love.” Recorded as the starlet was entering the absolute peak of her career and weighed down by the requirements of her celebrity status, she sings of finding a lover who is a garden of peace in the chaos of daily life. With all of the demands on her voice and body, Britney finds respite in a relationship that’s so secure she doesn’t even feel the need to speak to make her feelings clear.

3. “Everyday”

Brit’s last few albums have been billed as her most personal to date, but they tend to fall short of the hype upon release. So many of the most promising tracks get left behind as she continues to embrace her pristine pop roots and sex-forward lyricism over stark honesty. A leftover from the Circus era, “Everyday” is an undeniably optimistic moment and an example of what could have been. “Every day the sun comes up again. A little hope begins, and it starts with you ’cause you get me through,” she earnestly sings over an ethereal production. Her voice resonates with warmth, and it could easily be one of the best ballads from the second half of her career.

2. “Mona Lisa”

What happens when a pop princess goes rogue? It seems that she goes to a radio station to premiere an unfinished demo and announce a new album’s worth of material without her label’s consent. That’s exactly what Britney did in 2004. The song in question was “Mona Lisa,” and it told the story of a woman on the verge of breaking down. “She was taken under, drowning in her sea. Running like an angel, she was crying but could not see,” she practically growls before demanding a moment of silence in honor of the fallen idol. The cautionary tale seems almost prophetic now, and in the song’s raw state there was a power to her almost furious delivery. Although Team Spears eventually unveiled a version of the song, the final production transformed the barbed release into a toothless pop ditty that lost its central message under the polish of perfection.

1. “Let Go”

Behind the flashing cameras and drunken nights that characterized the “Gimme More”siren’s 2007, a threatening cloud loomed over her. After the heartbreak of a divorce and amidst an ongoing battle for custody of her children, she was on the brink of losing herself in the furor. Though they were some of her darkest days, they were also some of her most inspired musically as is evident on “Let Go.” The song offers a rare glimpse of hope for a better tomorrow over the sparse keys of a piano and a metronome. “Maybe everything will be alright, so let go. You gotta let go,” she sings, daring to believe that there is an end to the suffering ahead of her. There’s a youthful sense of faith that permeates the release and makes it one of the most magical tracks Spears has ever recorded.

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Katy Perry Set To Host 2017 VMA Awards — Will She Unite With Taylor Swift?


Katy Perry, who’s nominated for five awards, will also take the stage as the host at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards on August 27!

MTV didn’t have a host for the Video Music Awards in 2016 — instead, contributors Jay Pharaoh, Nicole Byer, and Keegan-Michael Key andJordan Peele took the audience through the show. But not this year. Katy Perry, 32, will officially host the show as it returns to The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. She is also set to perform! “I’ve been training with MTV in zero gravity, eating astronaut ice cream, and I’m on a group text with Buzz Aldrin and Neil deGrasse Tyson,” Katy said in a statement. “Come August 27th, I’ll be ready to be your MOONWOMAN! Brace for impact, kids.”

Many people are thinking that this could mark the end of Katy’s long-standing feud with Taylor Swift. Katy is up for five awards, including “Best Collaboration” for “Feels,” which she joined Taylor’s ex Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, and Big Sean on. Taylor hasn’t released music this year, except for her collab with Zayn, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” — and that too, is nominated for the same category. So, could they reunite?

It’s definitely a possibility — many fans have been buzzing on social media, wondering if Taylor could also be awarded the Video Vanguard Award this year; in the past four years, it’s gone to Justin TimberlakeBeyonce, Kanye West, and Rihanna. Of course Katy’s also been talking about her feud with Taylor a lot more frequently. During Late Late Show, she told James Corden, “I tried to talk to her about it and she wouldn’t speak to me. I do the right thing any time that it feels like a fumble. It was a full shutdown and then she writes a song about me, and I’m like, OK, cool, cool, cool, that’s how you want to deal with it? Karma!”

She later appeared on the Today show, and only had positive things to day. “Yeah, I mean I love her, I always have and we’ve had our differences, but I just continue to say ‘God bless her’ on her journey,” Katy said. Well, maybe we’ll see them together on the VMAs stage to squash the beef for good? TheMTV Video Music Awards will air live on Sunday, August 27 AT 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Are you excited to see Katy host?

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Charli XCX Breaks The Rules With Star-Studded “Boys” Video


Charli XCX is back with a perky bop called “Boys,” which finds the Brit singing about her obsession with the men folk over minimal electronic beats. It’s definitely a step closer to mainstream pop after wilding out on her Number 1 Angel mixtape with an instantly hummable chorus and relatable (to at least half of the population) lyrics. She teams up with Sarah McColgan to direct the soon-to-go-viral visual, which challenges gender and music video norms by playfully objectifying a star-studded cast of dudes.

The line-up is seriously impressive. It begins with Joe Jonas hamming it up in a dressing gown, before moving on to famous faces like Brendon UrieCharlie PuthDRAMFlumeG-EazyJack AntonoffKaytranadaKhalidMark RonsonMNEKPortugal. The ManSage The GeminiStormzyTHEYTy Dolla $ignVance JoyEzra and Wiz KhalifaDiplo, however, steals the show by using puppies as free weights. Oh, and he’s shirtless because those abs take a lot of effort and deserve to be seen.

“[This] is my favorite music video I’ve ever made,” Charli says of the uplifting visual. “I just wanna say a big thanks to all the boys involved, for totally embracing and understanding my vision and being excited by the concept. p.s. no boys were harmed in the making of this video.” “Boys” was co-written with LAUV and Emily Warren, and is the next single from the Brit’s third LP (due later this year). Watch up top.


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Reconnecting With Jon Voight, Bell’s Palsy & Cooking Classes: 6 Shockers We Learned From Angelina Jolie’s Vanity Fair Interview


It’s Angelina Jolie‘s turn to talk.

Nearly a year after one of Hollywood’s most iconic couples called it quits, one half of the former Mr. and Mrs. Jolie-Pitt is finally speaking her peace.

In a lengthy interview for Vanity Fair, the Oscar winner and mother of six invites readers into her new normal as a single parent with an empty house, looming new film, First They Killed My Father, and a fresh chapter of her life already in motion.

While she’s skittish about discussing her and Brad Pitt‘s separation or going into great detail about the fallout of their marriage, she sounds unfiltered on most other topics, including the decision to have her ovaries removed, figuring out how to «keep house» and the physical toll the last year has taken.

Here are all of the shocking things we learned from Jolie’s sit-down:

1. She does not consider herself a domestic goddess—but is trying. 

As she admitted during the interview, «I didn’t even know I needed ‘throw pillows.'» While it doesn’t sound like matters of house and home come easiest to Jolie, she has been spending the last nine months immersing herself in homemaking.

«I’m just wanting to make the proper breakfast and keep the house. That’s my passion. At the request of my kids, I’m taking cooking classes. As I go to sleep at night, I think, Did I do a great job as a mom or was that an average day?» the star explained to the magazine.

«I’ve been trying for nine months to be really good at just being a homemaker and picking up dog poop and cleaning dishes and reading bedtime stories. And I’m getting better at all three. But now I need to get my boots on and go hang, take a trip.»

2. For as famous as the actress is, her household is strikingly normal. 

In the earliest parts of the article, the author notes the actress’ wet dog jumping on the sofa, her 9-year-old daughter Vivienne Jolie-Pitt emerging from a sleepover and 9-year-old twin Know Jolie-Pitt asking for a water slide in their new home. Despite the glitz and the glamour that has surrounded Jolie publicly for decades, it seems elements of her home life are surprisingly just like everyone else’s.

3. Her parents’ breakup has as much of an effect on her now. 

Voight and her late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, separated after five years of marriage and Bertrand became a single mother with two children. It’s a history Jolie both relates to and is conscious of.

«I was very worried about my mother, growing up—a lot,» she told Vanity Fair. «I do not want my children to be worried about me. I think it’s very important to cry in the shower and not in front of them. They need to know that everything’s going to be all right even when you’re not sure it is.»

4. She «skipped» into surgery to removed her ovaries. 

In 2015, Jolie publicly revealed that she opted to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed after her doctor noticed potential signs of cancer in her blood test results. While she didn’t ultimately have cancer, she happily welcomed the surgery anyway.

«I went into the actual surgery happy as they come,» she recalled to the magazine. «I was skipping. Because at that point it was just preventative.»

5. She was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy. 

Among the most unexpected admissions is her once secret Bell’s palsy diagnosis, a type of facial paralysis which results in sudden muscular weakness on one half of the face.

«Sometimes women in families put themselves last,» she told the magazine, «until it manifests itself in their own health.» According to the star, she has since recovered thanks to acupuncture.

6. She’s reconciling with her famous father. 

It’s no secret that Jolie had been estranged from her celebrity dad for years, but according to her interview, the two have since reconnected and he is fulfilling his role as grandfather.

«He’s been very good at understanding they needed their grandfather at this time,» she told the magazine. «I had to do a therapy meeting last night and he was just around. He knows kind of the rule—don’t make them play with you. Just be a cool grandpa who’s creative, and hang out and tell stories and read a book in the library.»

The September issue of Vanity Fair hits newsstands on August 8.

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Kesha Introduces «Rainbow» Buzz Track “Learn To Let Go”


After spending four years in legal limbo, Kesha is making up for lost time. Since returning to the music scene, the glitter goddess has been releasing new music every couple of weeks — blessing us with “Praying” and “Woman” in the last month. The latest Rainbow buzz track is called “Learn To Let Go” and I think it’s my favorite yet. “Learn to Let Go…. it’s my motto. I love you animals, hope you love this song too,” she captioned a photo on social media. The serene image finds the pop star smelling a rose.

Produced by Ricky Reed, the uplifting pop/rock anthem picks up where she left off on Warrior — only the sound is looser and more organic. She’s also firing off truth bombs. “Had a boogieman under my bed, putting crazy thoughts inside my head,” Kesha sings in a verse. “Always whispering, ‘It’s all your fault.’” (Take that, Dr. Luke). However, while the song is clearly cathartic for her, it’s also universal and infinitely relatable. “The past can’t haunt me if I don’t let it, live and learn and never forget it,” she belts on the chorus. “Gotta learn to let it go.”

Kesha has really come back swinging. She is taking no prisoners lyrically and bolding experimenting with different genres. And that bravery is paying off. “Praying” debuted at an impressive number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100, but it should climb higher in the weeks to go. The Ryan Lewis-produced ballad is exploding at pop radio and closing in on the top 10 on iTunes. All the comeback queens is a couple of performances (get her on Ellen or Today) and she could be soon celebrating her first top 10 hit since “Timber.”

Watch the hitmaker’s “Learn To Let Go” video, which literally reconnects Kesha with her childhood, up top.

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